Obesity Bad for the Bones

A research was conducted recently to study the effect of increasing body weight on bone mass. The result of the study does not support the notion  which  states ” Obesity increases bone mass and is very good for bone health”.

The study found that increasing body fat mass, decreases bone mass. Therefore, increasing obesity (fat mass) is not good for bone health.

Important conclusions that were drawn from the research were- interventions or treatments aimed at reducing obesity may increase bone mass and thus protect against osteoporosis.

Past studies on the relationship between obesity and osteoporosis did not study effect of body weight on bone mass.

According to the investigators the greater the fat mass the lower the bone mass would be. The results reaffirm the beneficial effects of appropriate weight-bearing on a healthy skeletal system.

It’s therefore very essential for people who are obese to control their weight. Weight can be reduced by adopting a low- calorie diet, proper exercise and appropriate measures.

Obesity brings in lot of health problems. It is therefore very essential for people who are obese to be very careful and go in for regular health checkups as well as the gym.

It’s not a tough job. If one decides strongly to do something then one can achieve their goal come what may. So be determined and hit the tread mill and bring down that extra fat.

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