Get Rid of Cellulite Permanently

Cellulite can be the most depressing and ugliest sight ever. Take a good look at your butt and thighs in the mirror. Do you see discolored dimpled and saggy skin? That’s Cellulite.

Cellulite is nothing but your excess fat that gets stored in your body. Women in particular have honey combed compartments in their connective tissues that store fat cells into these little compartments. This gives you dimpled thighs and saggy cottage cheese like skin.

Regardless of obesity, people have been suffering from the problem of Cellulite. Women are more prone to cellulite than men. This unwelcome condition is a result of a variety of factors.


An overly stressful or sedentary lifestyle and your unhealthy habits right from smoking, drinking, lack of exercise may contribute to cellulite formation and a variety of unwanted conditions.

More than half of all your health problems are a result of a bad diet. A diet high in carbohydrates, salt, fats and sugar, lacking in fiber, minerals and vitamins encourage cellulite formation.

Hormones play a vital role in cellulite formation. Some hormones like Estrogen tend to worsen cellulite problems in women. Other hormones as Insulin, Prolactin, Thyroid, Adrenaline and Non-Adrenalin also contribute greatly.

Some people are genetically more susceptible to obesity and cellulite formation. Hereditary factors contribute greatly towards Cellulite formation.

Ways of Getting Rid off Cellulite

  • Break your meals into 5 to 6 smaller ones. Consume meals throughout the day. Meal should contain protein and carbohydrates in it. Change your diet. Your diet should not have fat, sugar and calorie laden items. It must be comprised of bananas, watermelon and citrus fruits.
  • Intake a lot of vitamins in your diet, in order to reduce cellulite from your body. Vitamins such as calcium, helps you in reducing body fat. Gamma linoleic acid, helps you in burning more calories. Potassium helps you in combating fluid retention.
  • In order to get rid of cellulite drink water. Drink at least two liters a day. Water helps to flush the toxins and increases the metabolism. At each meal, drink a cup of water.
  • Take rest. One must take 48 hours rest between strength training the same muscles. Sleep for 7 to 8 hours per night. It is advisable to take 1-2 days off from exercising per week.
  • At different intensity level and different session level, cardio should be done. Such as low intensity and long session, high intensity and short session.
  • 1- 3 times per week, do strength training exercise. Lift proper weight and perform sets for your strength training method.
  • If you really want to reduce cellulite, exercise daily. Even a little bit of exercise will help you to reduce cellulite. For better results, try and work vigorously. Cottage cheese look will be reduced once once you start losing your weight.
  • You can also use body brushing to reduce your cellulite. It helps in ex-foliating dead skin cells and improves blood circulation in the body.

How does Aromatherapy help in treating Cellulite?

Aromatherapy can be described as the science of using essential oils from the roots, leaves, flowers and resins of plants. Though there are numerous ways to extracting the oils from the plants, distillation is the most common procedure for extracting oils from the plants.

Experts opine since essential oils have medicinal properties, they can be used for the treatment of ailments like cellulite deposits that makes one look like what the French pioneers called the a”orange peel or the cottage cheese” look. In addition, the peppermint oil extracted from the Mentha plant gives a cooling effect. Peppermint oils are usually used to treat nausea. It is also said to soothe tooth aches.

Essential Oils to Treat Cellulite
The essential oils used in the treatment of cellulite in response to accumulated lymphatic wastes and poor circulation of nutrients and wastes include:

  • Juniper
  • Lavender
  • Geranium
  • Rosemary

Experts are of the opinion that essential oils when applied to the skin are quickly absorbed and can take as long as 20 to 70 minutes to get under the skin.

Experts opine that mixing lavender, geranium or rosemary oil with some amount of vegetable oil and applied and massaged on the affected area can also help in improving circulation and in fighting water retention. This can help with the cellulite problem.

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  1. There is one thing that all of you out there must keep in mind. There are ways to treat cellulite and there are plenty of physicians willing to help you. The thing is that cellulite is not a health risk nor is it a disease. Cellulite removal is done for esthetic reasons only. . Cosmetic procedures are an important step that should not be taken lightly. Remember that modifying your appearance can have lasting consequences. There’s no turning back, the doctors will not be able to undo what they have already done. So think hard before you make up your mind.

  2. You should not waste your time going to the spa to do away with your cellulite. I went that route but it merelycame back. Enormous waste of money.

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