How Obesity Could Be Contagious?

Obesity can be infectious sometimes. According to a study, published in International Journal of Obesity”, obesity can be caused by a virus that is present in human body.

Facts That Recent Researches Reveal

  • Contemporary research studies reveal that a virus called human adenovirus Ad-37 can cause obesity in chickens. According to the findings, two closely related viruses, Ad-5 and Ad-36 are also responsible for obesity in animals.
  • Furthermore, Ad-36 is related with obesity in human beings. Researchers suspect that Ad-37 may be responsible for human obesity. They said that one study on these viruses is inconclusive.
  • Researchers started looking for a human viral marker and after screening nearly 52 obese patients for antibodies to the virus, he discovered that over 40% had it. Moreover, they are found in the heaviest of the patients.
  • It is also found that, the viruses are probably related with diarrhoea in human beings. It can be spread through unhygienic practices.
  • Researchers are now searching for the vaccine because that is the ideal solution of this but it will take another five years.

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