Lifestyle Changes Prevent Obesity

Many studies have reported that obesity is not a health hazard but a lifestyle choice in the US as the condition is alarming in the country.

Observing the seriousness of the condition and the dangers resulting out of it Eric Finkelstein, a health economist told that, “Obesity is a natural extension of an advancing economy. As you become a First World economy and you get all these labor-saving devices and low-cost, easily accessible foods, people are going to eat more and exercise less.”

This statement leaves no room for doubt that lifestyle is the main cause of obesity. And in the same way, it is suggested by studies that lifestyle change can tremendously solve the problem.

What the Studies Say about Obesity and Lifestyle?

  • Obesity doesn’t result simply from over eating and lack of exercise, but it is a result of many modern lifestyle changes.
  • Studies that observed death rates report that people with obesity die earlier than their expected life span.
  • Studies say that, “many individuals are making a conscious decision to engage in a lifestyle that is obesity-promoting.” An individual’s own behavior is the main and root cause of obesity.
  • The studies emphasize the necessity of healthier foods and diet at all meal times to solve the problem.

How one Can Fight Obesity?

Your body takes a lot of time to gain a considerable weight and in the same way it takes the same time to solve the problem. Obesity can’t be solved within 1 or 2 months. So, it is the need of the hour to tackle the problem from the very childhood.

Here are some top measures mentioned to fight obesity from its root,

but it is necessary that you should include these factors in your lifestyle:

  • Exercise daily
  • Practice yoga for a sound health
  • Drink lot of water
  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables instead of canned ones
  • Avoid junk foods
  • Cut down sugar intake and fatty foods
    Avoid smoking and alcohol

An Important NOTE:

The causes of obesity are countless. Consult your doctor, know the reason for your condition and accordingly start the treatment. Above all this, be sure to follow the above mentioned measures to fight obesity.

What Latest Research Has to Say on Obesity ?

Australian researchers have found that even modest weight loss can boost the immune system of obese and Type 2 diabetic people. The results of their findings are published in the April 2010 online edition of the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology Metabolism.

The study found that excess fat in the body initiates production of a type of harmful cells called the Pro-inflammatory immune cells. Obesity also disturbs the inherent balance that exists between different types of cells which collective form the immune system of our body. This dis balance turns immune cells hostile. This is what happens inside the body of a Type 2 diabetic patient. Since diabetes is an autoimmune disorder, the mechanism responsible for providing protection to us from external invaders like germs and virus, itself turns hostile.

Researchers found that weight reduction of just 6 kgs can bring the level of the Pro-inflammatory immune cells back to normalcy. It is high time that awareness about these findings are brought to good use by involving ourselves in a regular exercise regime.

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