Salt a Key Contributor to Childhood Obesity

For the first time a current study conducted at the University of London’s examined the link between salty foods and nutritional problems in children and found

salt as a key contributor to childhood obesity.

The study was done over 1,600 children. The study concluded that children who consume salty foods are more likely to suffer from obesity than the children who take well balanced meals.

Excess intake of salt makes people thirstier. Generally foods such as fast foods and chips etc taken by children contain excess amount of salt that make them thirstier. This makes them to take more amounts of soft drinks which are loaded with sugars and ultimately leads childhood obesity.

Graham McGregor, professor of St. George’s University of London said that,

This is evidence of another, hidden way in which eating too much salt may harm the health of children.”

As the study gives strong evidence between salt intake and childhood obesity, it is the responsibility of the parents to check how much salt their child is taking on daily basis and take necessary measures accordingly. Be sure to check if your child is gaining weight due to his/her excess intake of salt contained food and cold drinks.

The study has been published in Journal of the American Heart Association.

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