Skipping Breakfast Enhances Teen Obesity

Believe it or not but eating breakfast can help teens fight obesity in their later years of life. Research claims that about 12 to 34% of children and adolescents skip their breakfast regularly and that percentage keeps increasing with growing years. This tendency to skip breakfast to shed the extra calories doesn’t help. Instead, evidence suggests that teen obesity has tripled over the past two decades which can be a probable outcome of skipping a healthy breakfast.

How does skipping breakfast enhance teen obesity?

Researchers from the University of Minnesota are of the opinion that skipping breakfast does not help you lose calories or put on fewer calories. Quite contrary to what one may expect, skipping breakfast can lead to overeating in the later hours of the day. This regular binging and unhealthy eating patterns can lead to teenage obesity.

Results of the study

Some results of the study, published in Pediatrics, have reported the following results with respect to skipping breakfast and teen obesity:

  • Teens who ate breakfast on a regular basis remained physically active throughout their growing years
  • Teens who ate breakfast also recorded a lower body mass index which is a way of measuring weight according to height in order to estimate the obesity levels
  • Teens who ate breakfast had less saturated fat and hence, weighed less and gained less weight
  • Teens who ate breakfast on a regular basis also ate more of fiber and carbohydrates as compared to those teenagers who skipped breakfast

Though researchers are still trying to break further ground, breakfast can prove to be an effective tool for preventing teen obesity. In addition, a healthy breakfast can also set off daily healthy eating patterns.

How Fasting and Drinking Water can be Beneficial ?


For those who believe that skipping breakfast is not a good idea, the practice of fasting can prove beneficial. One can choose a particular day of the week to practice fasting. Initially, the person can have juice and lots of water and do not eat the staple food. As the body gets used to the practice over few months, the intake of liquid on the fasting can be reduced. As the fasting is done more rigorous, its benefits also increase. But the body should be given enough time to get used to such rigorousness. Fasting not only boost the immune system of the body, it increases longevity of life too, apart from reducing fat.

Drinking Water:

It is unbelievable but true. Drinking water can treat obesity. It is because water is an appetite suppressant. A substance is called so when it can reduce the craving for food. Obese people feel depressed more often and seek pleasure by eating low nutritional but tasty junk foods. Intake of water regularly can reduce the urge for these cheap foods.

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