What Men Ought to Know about the Sex Risks of Obesity?

Gary Wittert, a professor from the Adelaide University claims that erectile dysfunction can be linked to obesity. The professor also goes onto explain that Australian men are more worried about sexual problems than cardiovascular problems. So losing weight is not so much of a priority for them as erection problems are.

The professor claims that sexual problems related to obesity can be significantly reduced once men become aware of the consequences. Evidence collected by the University suggests that Australian men are less aware about the sexual problems related to obesity. On the contrary, men are more aware about the related illnesses linked with obesity like – strokes, heart failures, heart attacks and hypertension.

About 1000 men were examined as part the Florey Adelaide Male Ageing Study. This research helped in arriving at some serious consequences of obesity on the reproductive, psychological and physical health of Australian men.

What is less known to men?

Statistics gathered by the Adelaide University suggest that Australian men are not aware of the fact that blood vessels to the heart are not only affected by obesity. Blood vessels to the penis are also significantly affected by obesity.

The more serious consequences of the blood vessels to the penis getting affected by obesity are –

urinary tract infections


erectile dysfunction


Wittert is expected to incorporate his valuable findings into a major study called the Health and Ageing of Australian Men. It is hoped that this study can help men identify with the dangers of obesity or conversely enlighten them about the benefits of losing weight. It is then that ‘weight loss’ will become a priority to keeping good health.

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