Weighty People Suffer Weighty Injuries

Experts are suggesting that there is an increasing need for people to take to activity right from their childhood. Researchers admit that kids who neither engage in physical activity nor eat proper diets are in the risk of gaining abnormal weights. One of the most common constraints of obesity is inaction itself. This is because flabs automatically restrict movement and activity.

Higher the BMI (Body Mass Index) Higher the Risks of Injuries

Another important consequence of being heavy is that, forced action can lead to severe and unwanted injuries. Experts reveal that people having a body mass index of more than 30 are more likely to lower extremity injuries while driving motor vehicles.

Obesity can therefore make activity not only impossible but dangerous – motor vehicle crashes leading to injuries. Findings from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Annual Meeting revealed that patients suffering from motor vehicle injuries were observed in level 1 trauma centers for about 10 years. Here, obese patients with injuries were compared with non-obese patients with injuries.

Data for about 206 obese patients out of 665 cases of injuries were collected. The information gathered revealed the tenure of stay in hospital, complications, future health care needs and severity of the injuries.

Reported Findings

The 75th annual meeting revealed the following outcomes related to obesity and injuries:

  • Obese patients suffered more serious patterns of injuries
  • Obese patients suffered more with diabetes and cardiac diseases
  • Obese patients had higher mortality rates

The findings also suggested that obese patients were, on an average, older than the non-obese patients. Obesity, as you can see, can make you live a torturous life. So fight obesity to prevent severe injuries.

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