Watermelons to Lose Weight

Watermelons to Lose Weight
Beat this summer with watermelon calories – which are not only less but as energetic and refreshing like any other chilled soft drink. For instance, experts claim that one cup of raw and chopped watermelon weighs a maximum of about 48 calories (Source). Watermelons are available in varieties and can provide additional benefits apart from losing weight like – flushing toxins out of the body, reduce the risk of cancers, etc.

Watermelon Calories

While considering the amount of calories watermelons carry (30-48kcal) in a cup, let us not forget that watermelons are rich in vitamins (A, B6 and C) and minerals like potassium. In addition, watermelons have less sodium and little or negligible amounts of saturated fat or cholesterol. The only negative aspect about watermelons is that they contain about 6-9g of sugar as a whole if taken in a cup.

How Many Calories Does One Cup Of Watermelon Contain?

Considering a daily calorie intake of 100g of chopped watermelons in a cup, the following was revealed:

  • Zero % of saturated fat
  • Zero % of cholesterol
  • 2% or 7g of carbohydrates
  • 6g of total sugar
  • 30 kcal or 2% of calories

  • 1mg or 0%of sodium
  • 7mg or 1% of calcium
  • 13% of vitamins
  • 3% of potassium
  • 1% of phosphorus

Flush fat by eating a cup of diced watermelons everyday as the calorie count is really low for watermelons (30-48 calories).

Other Benefits of Watermelon

Some typical benefits of watermelon are listed below:

  • Energy production
  • Reduces the risk of various cancers
  • Prevents loss of vision
  • Flushes out the harmful toxins

A watermelon calorie intake of 30 to 48 calories wouldn’t do much to spoil your shape or size. So feast on fresh watermelon this summer.

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