The Best Way to Lose Weight is to Eat Eggs

Though there have been numerous contradictions about the benefits of eating eggs, researcher’s claim that one of the best ways to lose weight is by eating eggs. The Pennington Biomedical Research Center study revealed that overweight women lost more weight when they included eggs in their breakfast rather than those who ate a bagel breakfast. Women also reported to have a reduced waist line and felt more energetic after eating eggs.

Egg Proteins Can Help You Lose Weight

Earlier claims of the Pennington Center were that the proteins contained in eggs could make women feel full for a longer period of time. This feeling researchers claimed helped women to lose weight because they ate lesser during the latter part of the day thereby helping them gain fewer calories than before.

This study actually began as an adventure for the Indian born Nikhil Dhurandhar who came back to Pennington (United States) to clear his doubts about a chicken virus causing obesity.

2 Eggs per Day Can Help You Lose Weight

Researchers from the Louisiana State University further revealed that 2 eggs per day could help women lose weight significantly. The study carried out by the Louisiana team examined women who were classified into 2 groups – a low calorie diet of bagel breakfast and a low calorie diet of eggs during breakfast.

Results of the study suggested that those women who were on a low calorie egg diet lost 65% more weight than those on a bagel diet.

Nutrition experts like Cath MacDonald support the view that natural foods like eggs can help tackle obesity though there are cholesterol myths attached to them. As obesity begins to take a toll on the west especially in countries like the United States and the UK, experts assert the need to switching to fat loss diets like eggs, fruits, etc.

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