Try the Cabbage Soup Diet to Lose Weight in a Week

The cabbage soup diet is one of the quickest ways to lose weight in a week. A low-calorie cabbage soup diet does not guarantee any long-term benefits and is used as an effective fad diet to reap short-term results that of losing weight quickly. The cabbage soup diet has found its way to most of the existing weight loss diet plans and weight control programs of late.

What is the Cabbage Soup Diet?

The cabbage soup diet is a 7-day meal plan to help you lose weight as quickly as possible. During these 7 days, dieters need to follow a specific routine of eating specific foods including the cabbage soup. Experts say that dieters need not care about exercising or shifting from their bad habits. Only things dieters should be cautious about – sticking to the diet plan and eating only homemade foods so don’t even look towards the restaurants for a week.

What other Foods can be eaten during these 7 Days?

Dieters can eat other foods but on alternate days. Fat-free cabbage soup should however be taken on a daily basis. Other foods that dieters should take include – skimmed milk, vegetables, fruits and proteins (meat). Keep the alcohol urges away and drink plenty of water instead.

The Cabbage Soup Diet Plan

The cabbage soup diet plan recommended for all dieters to lose weight in a week is explained below:

Day 1:

Drink homemade cabbage soup and eat one fruit except for banana. Other foods recommended include – tea without sugar, water, cranberry juice or black coffee.

Day 2:

Homemade cabbage soup, vegetables (except beans, corn or peas), baked potato along with butter for dinner.

Day 3:

Cabbage soup prepared at home with the fruits and vegetables recommended above.

Day 4:

Homemade cabbage soup, eight bananas or less and at least 2 glasses of skimmed milk.

Day 5:

Cabbage soup, 6 tomatoes, at least 450 grams of fish, meat or chicken and 6-8 glasses of water.

Day 6:

Cabbage soup, beef and plenty of vegetables.

Day 7:

Homemade cabbage soup, 2 cups of brown rice, plenty of vegetables and fruit juices without sugar.

Avoid alcohol, carbonated beverages and bread during these 7 days.

Benefits of the Cabbage Soup Diet

Some benefits of the cabbage soup diet are listed below:

  • Lose weight in a week
  • Get used to healthy eating choices
  • Vegetables from the brassica family like cabbage, cauliflower, etc can help prevent cancer
  • Homemade cabbage soup can appeal to your taste after a while

Though the cabbage soup diet is unhealthy and not always recommended by doctors, it helps in achieving what you want – lose weight quickly. Some pitfalls of the 7-day cabbage soup diet are – monotonous, requires a strong will power and one can quit without patience, gas problems, improper nutrition and a short-term solution to weight loss.


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