What is the Blood Type Diet?

The blood type diet became popular with the book Eat Right For Your Type” written by Peter D’Adamo. The book emphasized the relevance of a specific diet intake of foods that would an individual’s blood type or blood group.

What is the Blood Type Diet?

The blood type diet has been explained as the administration of a specific diet depending on a person’s blood type to aid digestion that will eventually promote weight loss. Regular exercise is also recommended alongside this diet regime.

The blood type as outlined in Peter’s book also promises to cure people of chronic illnesses like cardiovascular diseases, comforting allergies and fighting infections thereby contributing an overall fitness of the body.

What is Your Blood Type and which Foods should you Eat?

The author claims that effective weight loss can be achieved by eating the foods that is required to by an individual’s blood type. Listed below are the types of foods you must indulge in depending on your blood type:

  • Blood Type A”:

    People falling under this blood group the author asserts should avoid red meat and dairy foods. In addition, their daily diet intake should include plenty of vegetables and fish. Moderate exercise is recommended for people falling under this blood type.

  • Blood Type B”:

    People falling under this blood type should eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products. Some amount of fish is also recommended by the author. Avoid bacon and chicken as far as possible.

  • Blood Type AB”:

    People falling under this blood group should eat well balanced combination of the foods eaten under the A and B blood type.

  • Blood Type O”:

    The author explains that people whose blood type is O” should take a low-carbohydrate diet. In addition, the author suggests a low-dairy intake of people falling under this blood type.

  • Plenty of proteins are essential for the O blood type people, therefore a diet rich in meat and fish is highly recommended. Blood type O people should engage in rigorous exercises and should avoid foods like oranges, avocados and brazil nuts.

Is the Blood Type Diet an Expensive Treatment?

To some extent it is expensive. There is plenty of online information that could reduce your doubts about the foods to be eaten and the expense to be incurred. Some online programs or websites are also offering blood type diet kits, blogs and forums.

What is the Blood Type Diet Duration?

There is no maximum period for sticking to the blood type diet. However, experts suggest that you should stick with the diet for at least 2 weeks. Remember that exercises should also complement you blood type diet regime.

Advantages of the Blood Type Diet

Some benefits of the blood type diet include:

  • Keeps you away from junk or fast foods
  • Prevents binge eating
  • Helps in losing weight
  • Reduces the risks of fatal diseases like cancer, heart strokes, etc

Disadvantages of the Blood Type Diet

Some disadvantages of the blood type diet include:

  • Increases the intake of supplements to balance the bodies needs for other necessary nutrients
  • Can restrict the intake of nutrients that are necessary for you otherwise

The author claims that much of what is mentioned in the book with relation to the blood type diet is scientifically proven. However, metabolism, sugar and insulin are other sensitive factors that can determine the diet that one should take.

For instance, two people maybe of the same blood type but may have different metabolic or carbohydrate needs. Therefore, not all doctors relate the blood type diet with weight loss issues. However, this does not undermine the benefits of the blood type diet for warding off various fatal illnesses.


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