Top 15 Low-Calorie Recipes

It might have occurred to you late but it isn’t still too late to prepare low-calorie recipes or lose weight meals” for your family. Fast foods can pollute your system with umpteen problems. Try preparing the finger-licking recipes at home which you think are available only at your favorite restaurants and cuisines.

Top 15 Low-Calories Recipes

Some tope 15 low-calorie recipes can be prepared for pure veggies and non-vegetarians alike. Consider the following recipes to lose inches or pounds in just a few weeks:

Low-Calorie Recipes for Vegetarians

Low-calorie recipes for pure vegetarians are listed here below:

  • A dish prepared with cauliflower, corn and/or broccoli
  • Dry capsicum and cabbage mixed curry
  • Mushrooms, peas and paneer (cottage cheese with a milky flavor)curry
  • Vegetarian sausage rice with tofu
  • Potato pie
  • Vegetarian lasagne or pasta

Low-Calorie Recipes for Non-Vegetarians

Low-calorie recipes to help non-vegetarians cut calories are listed here below:

  • Chicken ball soup
  • Grilled chicken rolls
  • Fry eggs with chicken
  • Chicken and barley soup
  • Chicken with tofu (prepared from coagulating soy milk into curd blocks)
  • A salad dressing with chicken, mushroom and salad

Ensure to eat only “white meat”, that is, skinned out chicken or turkey.

Low-Calorie Pizza Recipes

Some healthy low-calorie pizza recipes include:

  • Spinach and tomatoes pizza recipe
  • Sprout pizza recipe
  • Wild mushrooms or sweet potato pizza recipe

Try these low-calorie recipes at home to burn calories as often as you can. Remember to complement diet recipes with exercises as well.

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