Can I Tell My Degree of Obesity?

Yes, you can tell your degree of obesity. You just need to be careful about what you are eating and the lifestyle you’re leading, that is, incorporating exercises in your daily life or not, etc. The best way to recognize or identify the signs of obesity or overweight is to keep looking into the mirror and sincerely reconsider changing your habits and patterns of eating if they are proving to be harmful for your body and fitness.

Ways to Measure Your Degree of Obesity

Listed below are some self-tests that can tell you how obese or how much in excess do you weigh:

  • Firstly, measure your degree of obesity by measuring your chest as against your waist. For instance, your chest size (for women, the chest is below the breasts) should be 4-6 times more than your waist size. If NOT, then you are certainly obese and have extra body fat on you.
  • Conduct the EYE-BALL TEST, which is nothing but standing straight and looking down to see your toes. Prevent stretching your neck out like a turtle to see your toes. Stand normally and if you cannot see your toes then you should consider talking to a doctor to lose weight quickly through safe weight loss plans.
  • Conduct a PINCH TEST or THE SKIN FOLD TEST, by twisting or stretching to one side and pinching the lower end of your arm-pit with your fingers. If your fingers are able to take more than one inch of fat while pinching your skin, then you will surely have to resort to weight loss cures to get rid of the extra fat.
  • Conduct THE FLAT-BOARD TEST, which is as simple as placing a flat board on your chest and waist while lying down. If the board is straight and flat then you don’t suffer from any issues of obesity but in case the board slants then you would need to rethink ways to lose inches round your waist.

These are some basic 4 ways you could tell your degree of obesity yourself. After having gathered the results, consult a doctor to lose weight naturally – through a well-balanced diet, exercise and loads of physical activity.

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