Top 15 Weight Loss Myths

Many of you maybe consciously or unconsciously implementing different weight loss programs in your daily life, to lose weight quickly, depending on what you hear or what you think is an effective weight loss cure. Weight loss myths are just as common as pregnancy diet myths whether before or after the birth of a baby.

For instance, many are of the opinion that drinking lemon juice helps you shed calories. Have you ever thought of questioning the people who have offered such advice to you and are you ever convinced with their replies? Quiet obviously not. Then this is what you really need to know – scientific evidence suggests that lemon juice contains vitamin C which helps in repairing worn out tissues but in no way helps in destroying fat from your body.

Top 15 Weight Loss Myths

Listed below are some weight loss myths you maybe well aware of or not:

  • Lemon juice helps in losing weight quickly
  • A glass of hot water every morning helps you lose weight fast
  • Drinking two and half glasses of water daily will shrink the stomach and break all the fat in your body
  • Honey helps in reducing weight especially when mixed with lemon juice without sugar
  • Cold water is fattening
  • Eating a toast is lot more better than eating plain bread if you want to lose weight easily
  • Skipping meals is one of the best ways to lose weight fast
  • Potatoes are more fattening than bread or cereals and one should try giving it up
  • Filling your stomach with soup will help you burn fat
  • Fruit juices are not fattening (truth: fruit juices available at most stores contain sugar additives or glucose unnecessary and unhealthy for dieters)
  • Dried fruits are better calorie burners than fresh fruits
  • Whiskey and soda is fattening but water and whiskey mixed together is not fattening
  • It is natural and healthy to put on weight in the coming years
  • Fat people are healthy people
  • Sleeping after lunch makes you fat (truth: it is what you eat at lunch or dinner that makes you fat and not sleep)

You need to go into the depth of remedies to actually determine that it will help you lose weight in no time. Relying on others personal experience or suggestions will not do the trick to burn fat fast. So take a careful peep into the article above to identify the weight loss myths you were so closely attached to.

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