Top 7 Low Calorie Snacks for Fitness and Fullness at Work

The term Snacking is infamously associated with weight gain. The term conjures up images of candies, ice cream bars, chips and cookies galore. Yes! You are right. That would definitely be an open invitation for the pounds to pile on. But the same term can be very well associated with weight loss. Let us see how.
Having three healthy, nutritious and low calorie snacks in a day can be part of a well devised strategy for weight loss. Diet is an extremely important tool of managing hunger and could help to maintain a stable blood glucose level. In a country like the United States of America,around 60% of the population is overweight and about 1 in 5 is obese. It is imperative that the general population be informed about the right diet strategies to fend off weight gain and maintain a healthy weight.

What are the advantages of healthy snacking?

There are many advantages of eating a healthy snack in regular intervals. The advantages are listed below:

Spikes up Metabolism
It is a well known fact that not eating in regular intervals could put the body in a starvation mode. The body starts to think that there isn’t any food available. On the next available meal, the body conserves most of the energy from food for future use rather than using it up. Eating a snack can make sure that the energy derived from food is mostly used up.

Helps to better spread out the nutritional in take
It is difficult to have all the dietary recommendations of fruits and vegetables in the three major meals without going overboard on calories. For example, the dietary recommendation of fruits and vegetables would be 4-6 servings a day. Rather than stacking it all up in the meals, a fruit like a banana or an apple can be reserved for a snack.

It helps to combat fatigue
Having long intervals in between meals causes the blood sugar or blood glucose to ebb. This causes tiredness or fatigue to set in. Having nutritious snacks is especially important as it can help maintain concentration and increase attention spans.

It can help with uncontrolled cravings
Uncontrolled cravings are often the result of extreme hunger pangs. Not eating in between meals can cause the blood glucose levels to drop causing one to be extremely hungry. It is important to manage hunger by eating nutritious snacks in between meals.

However, it is important not to go overboard with snacking. A snack should ideally be between 100-150 calories depending on one’s daily calorie recommendation. An apple, a banana, a cup of yogurt, a fistful of nuts etc would be an ideal mid morning or late afternoon snack.

Snack Ideas For Weight Loss

Like all foods, snacks should be a source of nutrition and energy. To get some suggestions on how to select good snacks, read the following:

  • First thing is you should know what to avoid. Well the truth is starting from chips to sugary confectioneries; everything is out from the list. The so-called sugar-free ones contain artificial sweeteners which creates a total imbalance in our hormone levels which make our bodies store fats, specially all around our belly.
  • The healthiest snacks would be fruits. Any kind of apples are very filling and can also lower cholesterol levels. Fruit salad is a wonderful idea. Choose your favorite fruits, fresh and juicy.
  • Have some whole grains muffins or biscuits, so that you get the right level of fiber. The dip you use for fruits should change, you can try yogurt. You will love it, for it will bring the right change not only in your taste but in your body too.
  • Use soy cheese instead of the usual one which is loaded with fats. Peanut butter is another healthy option.
  • During winters, you can also try storing some vegetable soup. Heat it before you eat. Nothing better than a hot bowl full of vitamins, minerals and fiber in the cold.
  • Having homemade carrot muffins is another idea. You can store this in the refrigerator.

Low calorie snacks can keep your energy levels soaring at work. In fact, low calorie snacks alone can keep you going from morning till evening if you haven’t had the time to cook your meals either the previous night or in the morning. As assumed, work can just about cause you to miss everything from food to sleep. There are however healthier ways of low calorie snacking which will keep you fit and full at work.

Top 7 Low Calorie Snacks to Nibble on at Work

Listed below are about 7 low calorie snacks that you could stack up in your office:

  • Though nuts are high on calories, just about a handful can keep you ticking all through the day. Nuts are high in protein and also an excellent source of fiber.
  • Sliced apples with peanut butter. This can just about accommodate both proteins and carbohydrates for the body.
  • Baby carrots mixed with cottage cheese. This is a perfectly balanced snack containing proteins from cottage cheese and carotenoids from carrots.
  • Sugar-free yogurt and a fruit. Sugarless yogurt and fruit is a low calorie, healthy and satisfying snack.
  • Cheese sticks and crackers. An excellent source of quick low calorie snacking at work.
  • Jerky with fruits and/or vegetables. Jerky is a form of a portable snack that is prepared from beef or turkey mixed with fruits or vegetables.
  • Soy beans or edamame and crackers. Soy beans are an excellent source of proteins and crackers can be rich in fiber. Mixed together they can be an effective source of fitness and fullness at work.

These low calorie snacks come in handy when you’re really hungry and haven’t the time to waste on eating meals at work. In addition, consider stacking your lockers, draws or refrigerators with energy drinks, shakes, etc to get a quick hand at them. Never starve yourself at work and don’t binge on unhealthy snacks or fast foods that can ruin your dietary efforts to lose weight effectively.


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  1. Regular fitness and exercise eliminates the risks of different heart diseases, but they also help to prevent certain types of cancer such as breast cancer and colon cancer.

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