Is Aerobics an Obesity Solution?


say experts who believe that aerobics is certainly not an obesity solution. As obese people are frantically looking for an obesity solution to lose inches around their waists, thighs, buttocks, and more researchers maintain that obesity is a medical problem which needs medical guidance. This is supported by the fact that obese people are usually afflicted with additional health ailments like heart diseases or hypertension, etc. Aerobics on the other hand, is a program which is meant to meet the fitness needs of an individual.

Diet control combined with mild exercises is the obesity solution say experts. Thereby doctors never recommend aerobics for obese people trying to lose pounds.


has been defined as a way of working upon the large muscle groups in a continuous and rhythmic manner. Thereby, irrespective of how much you weigh, aerobics basically contributes to an overall fitness of the body by elevating your heart rate for a continuous period of time.

Some common aerobic exercises include swimming, jumping rope, bicycling, aerobic dance and stair climbing. Without confusion, these exercises explain that the most worked part of the body is the heart.

Obesity on the hand is a question of excess body fat or weight. Researchers claim that a scientifically and medically oriented weight loss program should focus on

moderate exercises


sensible eating


Aerobics can be dangerous for an obese person in the sense that the exercises are so exhaustive that it can lead to knee, back or ankle injuries for the heavy. This is mainly contributed by the excess weight which is very stressful for your bones. However, if you wish to build an overall endurance of the body through aerobic exercises, try brisk walking, jogging or aerobic dancing to achieve the same.

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