Are Amphetamines a Safe Weight Loss Cure?

There are certain sources available on the Internet which claim that


can be used to lose weight quickly and without any risks. But, in the United States, these medications come under the category of Schedule II drugs. Such drugs can cause severe physical and mental dependence and are prescribed by the doctors under strict restrictions for medical purposes only.

Ignorance on aspects like these has led to drug acquire a-high-potential-for-abuse status in recent times. This article tries to gain further insight on the subject.


Are Amphetamines a Safe Weight Loss Cure?

  • Depression and an inactive lifestyle are characteristics of obese people.
  • While the drive to get rid of this excess weight through proper means is less in them, it is understandable that they resort to all types of short-cuts.
  • But, in extreme scenarios, they can choose to use psycho stimulant drugs as well.
  • Unfortunately, these drugs have all the elements to destroy the body and mind of the people using them.
  • These drugs primarily work by interfering with the normal functioning of the central nervous system.
  • They produce physical effects like decrease in appetite and fatigue.
  • As the urge to eat limitlessly is curbed under the action of these drugs, the obese people feel excited by the experience.
  • Those who are generally considered to be lethargic show signs of being active and this development does a wonder to their beaten self-esteem.
  • But, in order to cause these mentioned effects, the drugs cause a range of side-effects to develop in the body.
  • Its tolerance is also quickly developed and this causes the patient to take the drug in higher doses to feel same effects.
  • Hypertension, chest pain and psychosis are some of the side effects which follow after being increasingly dependent on these drugs.


While obesity is a dangerous and prevalent medical condition, use of drugs like


can seriously pose threat to the normal life an individual. Awareness on its actions and side effects can bring down the use of these drugs effectively.

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