How Does the “Weight Plateau” Affect Obese People?

Most obese people who have been trying to lose weight through numerous ways are hit by what is called the weight plateau”. The

weight plateau”

is a condition when an obese person begins to lose weight continuously from few weeks, to months and then finally stops. At this stage the dieter continuous dieting but his or her weight remains constant and that is why it is called the weight plateau” condition of weight loss.

Doctors claim that this is a temporary phase in a person’s dietary efforts to lose weight quickly. However, one can stop losing more weight and stay constant at one weight for as long as 3 months or more.

In such cases, doctors and dietitians focus on recording the food habits in detail. The obese patient’s dietary patterns as to the kind, quantity, and which hour it has been consumed is further modified while the treatment of obesity continues. It is expected that within the next 4-6 months, the obese person will shed the extra kilos.

Sometimes, the weight plateau” becomes very annoying and hard to get rid of. In such cases it is very essential to determine the underlying cause of the persistent plateau say experts.

Researchers are accepting a new kind of theory today with regard to obese people hitting the weight plateaus thereby suggesting that the body tends to


a certain weight at certain times. It is also assumed that the weight plateaus are set points which may arise due to cultural or hereditary factors.

Ways to Overcome the Weight Plateau”

Some recommendations to overcome the weight plateau” are:

  • Change frequency of meals
  • Combine different exercises
  • Vary daily calorie intake but maintain the same total weekly intake of calories
  • Restrict the intake of carbohydrates and include more low fat proteins in your diet
  • Strength training
  • Check fast-food and restaurant bingeing
  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables
  • Yoga to prevent stress eating

Britt Berg, MS from the Emory University Medical School suggests the “child pose”

to curb hunger pangs, which is as simple as placing your forehead against a rug or pillow.

The weight plateau is yet another hurdle for dieters who are trying hard to lose pounds. Never try finding solutions to obesity problems alone like the weight plateau because dietitians and doctors have other ways to help you manage this condition while your treatment for obesity continues.

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