7 Personal Nutritional Goals to Burn Fat Fast

If you wish to burn fat fast you would have to satisfy your thin self” more than your fat self say experts. Drawing up a basic personal foods list is quiet a task especially if you’re looking for giving a good fight to your fat self’s food preferences.

What Should Your Current Nutrition List Contain?

Experts opine that if you want to burn fat fast, your current nutrition list should look something like this:

  • Basic foods and beverages that have maximum nutritional value and minimum calories
  • Variety of foods rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Eat calories rather than drinking it – like eating oranges instead of drinking orange juice (milk being an exception)
  • Select food that are high on fiber like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, cereals, etc

7 Personal Nutritional Goals to Burn Fat Fast

Listed below are some 7 personal nutritional goals to burn fat fast and effectively:

  • Eat a recommended amount or 4-ounce servings of fresh fish, meat or poultry eliminating fats like rib steaks, hamburger, etc
  • Increase your daily portion intake of fresh fruits and low-starch vegetables
  • Eat whole grains and whole grain cereals
  • Replace whole-milk and whole-milk products with low or non-fat options
  • Decrease sodium intake by using a lot of spices, herbs, and salt substitutes
  • Replace bottled oils with spray oils like Pam that releases 3 calories per 1.25 seconds of spraying time
  • Finally, cook on or with Teflon-coated pans

4 Basic Food Groups to Burn Fat Fast

An obese person should also be guided through basic food groups and portion size in order to achieve a steady weight loss. The United States Department of Agriculture lays down 4 basic groups which can simplify daily selection and can also ensure healthy intake of essential nutrients. The 4 basic food groups include:

  • Meat and meat alternatives
  • Milk and milk products
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Breads and cereals

The United States Department of Agriculture also lays down the servings sizes for average-sized Americans to meet their nutritional needs. The portion sizes recommended should be speculated before administering them to an obese dieter.

A diet chart for an overweight or obese person should thereby contain a detail of the foods to be eaten, the size, time and frequency to achieve weight loss as steadily as possible, while personal nutritional goals to burn fat fast should go alongside keeping in mind the basic food groups and portion size recommended by dietitians and doctors.

Personal Diet Tactics to Lose Weight Easily

Listed below are some 5 personal diet tactics to lose weight easily:

  • Practice the “yes” tactic on behalf of your thin self and not your fat self – there is nothing that can move you better than yourself
  • Practice the “no” tactic to control your desire to overeat and yes” tactic to be in absolute control of your diet plan
  • The “compromise” tactic should come into play only when needed while other personal tactics should continue (remember the program is meant to hurt or torture you); don’t let your fat self to take control of the compromise” tactic
  • Your fat self will compel you to think that there is no relation between how much you eat and how uncomfortable you might feel, that it is a temporary phase but you need to remind yourself that neither are the pounds temporary and neither is it going to vanish into thin air
  • Curb your desires to eat more by reversing the sound to eating a fatty food to eating thin and healthy foods like – fresh fruits, vegetables, etc

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