5 Summer Diet Tips to Lose Weight

Numerous studies have brought to light that seasonal changes can have a huge impact on the testosterone levels of both men and women. As a result, researchers opine that with higher levels of testosterone, women become more bulky and fat around the hips and waist. Why this happens is not confirmed. However, it has been revealed that the testosterone levels of women are higher in summer which means they get bulkier during the hot season.

Summer diet tips, thereby, become very essential for most women. To convert your diet nightmares in summer to constructive and creative weight loss regimes, you would need to work on many things as mentioned below:

5 Summer Diet Tips to Lose Weigh


Fast crash diets for summer

Summer means frozen treats for most kids and adults alike. Then how do you learn to control your urge or workout regime? Listed below are 3 summer diet tips that can help you lose weight effectively:

  • Schedule one day in a week for frozen treats such as an ice cream treat with your kids and family (it is an ideal moment to tell your kids that all sugar” is bad for health)
  • Train during the early hours of the morning or late at night
  • Bond with your family and kids in other ways that don’t add calories such as a frisbee game, soccer or crafts.
  • Say “no” to high fat and high calorie foods in parties like alcohol, hot dogs, pasta, margaritas etc.
  • Summer is the peak time for weekend getaways and vacations that can call for a lot of binge eating and unbalanced workout. Under such conditions you need to – stick to varied workouts, look for healthy food options and carry healthy snacks along with you.

7 Diet Foods for Summer

Experts recommend the intake of the following

nutrition-rich and low-calorie foods

for summer:

  • Tomatoes
  • Roasted peppers
  • Berries
  • Yogurt
  • Beans
  • Mango
  • Lots of water

Other Diet Tips for Summer

Listed below are some other diet tips to keep cool and fresh in summer:

  • Avoid carbonated drinks
  • Avoid fried and spicy foods
  • Include a variety of fruit and vegetable juices in your diet
  • Avoid porridge in summer because it heats up the stomach
  • Maintain good hygiene levels

The trick to keep healthy, fit and cool in summer is to eat light and nutritious foods. Ensure that diet foods for summer should also be taken sparingly. Losing weight isn’t easy and it could get tougher in summer to keep to your workout schedules and healthy diet patterns but the game is all about facing temptation and escaping it all at the same time. Remember the swimming story experts suggested and as mentioned in the previous article to defeat the notions of will power failing against temptation.


Tips on Diet Foods for Summer, Summer Diet Tips

Summer Season, Obesity and Role of Water:

Generally we should drink 8-10 glasses of water everyday. In summer season, body requires more water. It is easy to get dehydrated otherwise. Drinking water keeps the body temperature in control and stops the urine from turning yellow. 60 percent of our body weight is because of water. Excessive thirst, headache, fatigue, dry mouth, little or no urination, dizziness and muscle weakness are some of the symptoms of body dehydration.

Obese people suffer with eating disorders. They eat foods which are tasty and low in nutritional value to get some pleasure. Intake of these foods raise the cholesterol level in the body making people obese. Drinking water can treat obesity. It is because water is an appetite suppressant. Any substance is said so when it can reduce the craving for food. Moreover, water brings balance in the hormonal levels in the brain too which cause eating disorders.

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