Why Olives and Cheese Snack to Lose Weight?

Why Olives and Cheese Snack to Lose Weight?

Olives and cheese can be just about the perfect combination for anyone wanting to return to their ideal weight and size. The olive and cheese snack, experts opine, can carry as much as 150 calories which is not only quick but easy to prepare. All you’d need is 5 black olives, 3/4th ounces of brie and half a pear sliced. The easiest part of this snack preparation is that you simply have to cover the cut slices of pear and olives with some cheese and pop them into your mouth.

Why Cheese to Lose Weight?

You maybe wondering why cheese? Experts explain that cheese is absolutely essential for enriched health because it contains calcium that contributes to healthy bones and are also rich in proteins that helps repair and build cells in the skin tissues, nails, skin and hair.

Experts opine that cheese prepared from whole milk like Brie or Cheddar can actually contribute in increased cholesterol levels. Thereby, it is recommended to reduce or limit the intake of richer cheese which contains saturated fats to about one ounce or less on a daily basis.

Low-fat cheese prepared from skimmed milk is usually the recommended solution to prepare this healthy snack.

Why Olives to Lose Weight?

Experts opine that olives contain a great deal of “good fat”. This implies that the mono-unsaturated fat helps in boosting the levels of good cholesterol that reduces the risk of various heart diseases. Experts believe that olives are so healthy that in Mediterranean countries people seem to be reporting lower risks of heart diseases because olives and olive oil forms a key part of their diet.

Not to forget, olives are also rich in fiber, Vitamin E and iron. Evidences collected also reveal that olives relieve arthritis sufferers from joint pain and inflammation because olives contain a significant amount of “polyphenols“, an antioxidant that helps in curbing inflammation and pain.

Pear is usually recommended because the fruit is high in fiber and can help in digestion. Pear can also keep a person full for long and thereby, helps in controlling your frequent cravings for food.

Experts suggest that whole milk cheese like Brie can be substituted with hummus which weighs about the same calories but contains fewer amounts of saturated fat (almost by 3g). Apples and/or grapes are other options for pear. So, try the olives and cheese snack to fetch you the waistline that you’ve always wanted to return to.

How Snacks are Responsible for Causing Obesity?

According to a research study, American children eat an average of three snacks a day apart from their three regular meals. These snacks account for nearly one third of the daily calories in these children. Probably ignorance about these statistics has lead to a state where one out of every 3 children in this country are either obese or over weight. Children as young as years are found with early symptoms of heart diseases.

Eating habits of American children were studied over 30 years by the researchers at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. From the data collected from 31,000 children between the age group of 2 and 18, it was found that sweetened drinks and desserts are the major source of calories from snacks long with candy and salty snacks. This country needs access and affordability to fresh fruits and vegetables than any other facility, badly.


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  1. Dairy is NOT good for anyone. Unless you're a cow; stop consuming dairy. There is irrevocable truth that milk actually causes osteoporosis instead of preventing it. Wanna know why black people suffer less from osteoporosis than white people? Most black people are intolerant to dairy and therefore consume much less than the average white person.

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