Top 10 Weight Loss Mistakes Women Make

Losing weight is not easy – ask women and they’ll tell you best! Infact, losing weight from the hips, thighs and belly can just be the toughest things in life to achieve. Guess what – you could be going wrong somewhere even if you think you are sticking to your exercise regimes and diet recommended. How about thinking over the mistakes you could be making unknowingly? Healthy weight loss at home plan might go wrong somewhere. Let’s try.

Top 10 Weight Loss Mistakes Women Make

Listed below are some mistakes you may have been committing without your knowledge even though you maybe sticking hard to your stringent weight loss program:

  • Focusing Only on Crash Dieting and No Training:

    Simply crash dieting slows metabolism and makes you fit into sexy outfits but cheats you on you being not flabby. Yes, experts opine that dieting or staying hungry for long hours can cause you to lose weight but when you start eating the normal diet, you will gain more weight than you actually lost. Resistance training along with a fixed healthy diet is what is recommended for women wishing to lose weight from their thighs, hips and abdomen.

  • Staring Into the Weighing Machine:

    Experts opine that most women have a tendency to peep into the weighing machine every now and then to check whether they’ve lost weight or not. Experts believe that the amount you weigh has nothing to do with how you look. Resistance training coupled with a healthy diet will focus on increasing muscle size and strength while at the same time you would be losing weight. Therefore, you can be weighing less but it doesn’t mean you could be looking good as well.

  • Only Cardio:

    Experts opine that women tend to focus just on cardio exercises for losing weight which is wrong. Instead, you should focus on increasing your metabolism that will help you burn calories even after hours or even days after the workout. Interval training combined with resistance training works well for losing weight than simply cardio.

  • Skipping Breakfast:

    The next very important mistake that women commit is that they skip breakfast. Experts explain that breakfast is essential because your body is fasting nearly for about 6-8 hours at night before rising up to a new day. It needs essentials nutrients which women starve the body of. Eventually the body begins to utilize the muscles for energy and the muscles control metabolism. So women actually cut down on their metabolism that helps in burning calories. So have a healthy breakfast for sure.

  • Depending on Diet Pills:

    Diet pills are another favorite with women. Experts opine that though some may work others usually don’t work. So let us not fool ourselves with them to lose weight and instead focus on diet and exercise regimes to lose weight effectively.

  • Eating Less:

    When you eat less, the same thing happens when you skip breakfast or fast too often – the body begins to utilize the muscles for energy and your metabolism rates get disrupted because of which the body is not able to burn fat quickly and effectively.

  • Eating Out:

    Another very typical tendency of women is to binge on outdoor foods due to their busy schedules at work or at home. Well, if such are the circumstances you neither control how you look or how you feel. Try cooking healthy recipes at home to avoid the saturated fats and cholesterol contained in outside foods.

  • Emotional Attachment to Food:

    Women have the tendency to binge on foods when they are going through a sad or bad phase of life. Food being a stress buster can add huge amounts of calories on them. So find alternative ways to beat your stress, anxiety or fears like exercise, gardening or any other constructive activity.

  • Inconsistency:

    Due to the mounting responsibilities and chores at home and work, women tend to give up on their regular weight loss schedules. Don’t ever do that because all your efforts to lose weight will go down the drain.

  • Lack of Sleep:

    Experts suggest that women tend to neglect this problem of sleep too. Lack of sleep can contribute to elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol which in turn can make burning fat even more difficult. So catch up on some eight hours of sleep every night to lose weight.

If you are committed to your diet patterns and exercise regime and still see no difference to your weight or size, then there are some crucial flaws that you may committing in any of the above areas like – lack of sleep, focusing simply on cardio, judging  the way you look by the amount you weigh, etc. Have a look at some of these most common gaffes committed by women while they try shedding weight but fail very often.

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