Orange Weight-Loss Supplements – Better or Bitter Way to lose Weight?

The bitter truth about the orange supplements it that they aren’t backed with evidence to show that the supplement is a better weight-loss solution. Instead, the

Citrus Aurantium


Bitter Orange

weight-loss supplements suffer from allegations of causing health problems that have been associated with Ephedra.



was removed from the market, many manufacturing units and consumers were desperately looking for alternative ways to lose weight. Bitter orange became one of the solutions. Though the supplement is marketed with the ephedra-free” label, it is reported to be harmful in some way or the other.

Is Bitter Orange Safe?

Bitter orange is reported to contain 2 chemicals –

octopamine and synephrine

, which have been reported to be similar to a chemical called ephedrine in ephedra. The above chemicals can lead to severe health conditions such as – hypertension, arrhythmias (heart rate disturbances) which are enough to cause a heart attack or stroke. Not surprising, but these symptoms have been associated with the Ephedra drug as well.

Another adverse side of the bitter orange supplement is that it disallows the metabolism of other drugs thereby increasing the amount of drug in the body.

Experts are of the opinion that people already suffering from ailments such as hypertension, heart disease or any other cardiovascular problem should not take the bitter orange supplement. The bitter orange is also not recommended for people under medications like Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors which speeds the heart rate.

Healthy eating, limiting portion size, sleep and exercise

are still regarded to be the safest ways to achieving long-term weight loss goals. The bitter orange as is cited is not a safe drug and very much like the Ephedra that has been banned from the market for use.

Nothing like a bitter drug on your tongue but what could be worse is the ineffective or harmful repercussions of the bitter orange on you. Though not recommended, consult a doctor for medications such as the bitter orange weight-loss supplement.

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