Top 9 Weight Regulating Foods

Are you tired of following various weight loss programs and looking for something more effective and natural? Are you looking for foods which can easily help in your weight loss task and at the same time regulate it in future? Most of the people believe that there are no such super-foods available which can assist weight loss as well as control further weight gain. But according to various experts such super-foods do exists.

As per the diet experts there are certain foods which not only help in weight loss but also regulate weight gain. These weight regulating foods are called super foods because they satisfy your appetite without increasing the number of calories. Listed below are top 9 super foods which will be helpful in your weight loss task:

  • Green Tea:

    According to latest research study components of green tea like catechins stimulates body to burn calories hence triggers the weight loss process. Research study also shows that people on green tea loss more weight as compared to people on oolong tea.

  • Green Salads:

    Study shows that eating low calorie green salads can fill your tummy as well as regulates your calorie intake during meal. Make sure that you don’t eat cheese and high fat dressing laden salads. Besides that low calorie green salad also provides you sufficient amount of fiber.

  • Yogurt:

    This dairy product included in your diet can regulate your weight. According to a research study consuming 6 ounce of fat free yogurt daily reduces weight 22% more. Besides weight loss yogurt is also beneficial in reducing belly fat.

  • Vegetable Soup:

    Low calorie soups before meals are highly effective in weight loss. Eating soups before meals acts as healthy fuller hence you tend to eat less thus regulating your calorie intake.

  • Whole Grain Cereal:

    A bowl of whole grain cereals with fruits and skim milk can aid in your weight loss task. Whole grain cereal contains high content of dietary fiber and other nutritional value. This high fiber meal promotes weight loss and at the same time checks weight gain.

  • Beans:

    Eating beans gives you the feeling of fuller for a longer duration hence decreasing the need to eat between meals. The calorie count is low and they are good source of dietary fiber and protein.

  • Light Diet Shakes:

    Though diet shakes are not the ultimate remedy for weight loss but according to latest research study they might help. Light diet shakes are beneficial for people facing difficulty in changing their dietary habits. One shake daily might prove beneficial in your weight control strategy.

  • Grapefruit:

    According to latest research study grapefruit diet enhances the weight loss as well as reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes. Including grapefruit in your diet adds lots of enzymes, antioxidants, fibers and very little calories. But it is observed that grapefruit interferes with certain medications hence it is advisable to consult your physician before including it in your diet.

  • Water:

    Water acts as excellent substitute to calorie containing drinks or beverages. It is observed that water not only cuts down excess calories but also flush out various toxins from the body. Make sure that you drink as much of water as possible daily.


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  2. I have been on a diet for for 6 weeks and have lost 13 lbs without ever being hungry. I love it, and now I have only 12 lbs to go.

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