The Fattest Cities In USA

A lot has been said about obesity in America where it has almost been recognised as an epidemic but there are cities here which are fatter than other cities in comparison. Let’s have a look on the fattest cities in USA and probe a little as to why they are so and what the steps are being taken up by the government in order to bring the situation under control.

The Fattest Cities In USA

  • Las Vegas, Nevada:

    Whenever there has been surveys on which are the fat cities Las Vegas has always occupied a position. The city is full of fast food joints and bars. The adults hardly indulge in any physical activity and hence the incidence of obesity.

  • Jackson, Mississippi:

    It is smaller than most other cities in the list but when it comes to obesity you cannot keep it away from the list with 61% of its population declared obese.

  • Chicago, Illinois:

    Consortium to Lower Obesity in Chicago Children take initiatives like the Mayor’s Fitness Council Challenge or the Chicago Moves Day to help its citizens lose excess fat.

  • Los Angeles, California:

    This state has banned the sale of candy and sodas in schools due to its high obesity levels in children.

  • Houston, Texas

    : The government has undertaken the Kidfit program that is supposed to take care of the youth obesity rates. Houston has the highest obesity rates in the whole country. The Women, Infants and Children program of the Health department of the state is taking care of the project.

There can be no victims of obesity; all that is needed is personal initiative to get rid of this curse.

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