Anti-Obesity Pill To Be Sold Without Prescription In UK

There is good news for people who have tried out everything to lose their weight but failed; as a new drug has been introduced by

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)

to help them.

The name of the drug is

Orlistat (alli)

and would be available over the counter without prescription. As the medicine has to be bought from behind the counter, the pharmacists can quiz the person and know whether the medicine is suitable for him.

The pill helps lose fat by not letting our bodies absorb fat from the food we eat, this fat passes as waste outside the body. The study has shown that use of the pill can help reduce cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure substantially.

Dr. Vidhu Bansal Dev, the spokesperson from Glaxo has assured that the pill has gone through a lot of studies which shows that it really works in reducing fat and bringing self-esteem in many. The tests have shown that on an average, volunteers had lost

10 lb in six months


The United Kingdom has permitted it to be sold without any prescription and is priced at one pound. The sale of medicine without prescription will help many who waste their money on unproven ‘miracle’ fat loss pills, diets and other harmful and unsafe weight loss methods.

The pills will be sold to patients who have a BMI higher than 28 (any BMI higher than 27 is considered overweight and higher than 30 means obese).

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