Kill Obesity —Alternative Therapy

Lets look at some alternative ways to kill the obesity and be healthy.

The Acupressure and The Acupuncture way

It’s an ancient Chinese medical practice that helps us to bring back good health by harmonizing the flow of positive energy in human body. It uses few pressure points in our body to be utilized. Touch healing either by using hand or finger or some other instrument pressure or by using special needle insertion. It acts on specific pressure points to activate them for positive flow of energy.

The Fragrance way-Aromatherapy

The specific oils extracted from various aromatic plants, herbs etc is used to enhance health and kill obesity. It’s an art; it’s a science to improve health and beauty. Aromatherapy can be used while massage, hot steam baths, inhalations techniques and many more ways.Obesity can be cured using aromatherapy.

The Colorful way-Color therapy

Do you know that colors really have an affect on our body? Why do you think that see red color makes a bull angry or why do people feel blue”; when you are depressed? There are various healing effects that different colors, different shades, tints have on human body and which color has what effect on healing a particular disease like obesity.

The Natural Way -Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medicine. It’s a practice (perhaps its the oldest medical discipline in the world) that cures with no side effects. Ayurveda means disease free life along with good health. Ayurveda has various disciplines like “KomarBhritya” the one which deals with child health. For obesity it has various medicines which are prepared form various herbs, plants and some metals. It has no side effects and cures the disease not the symptoms.

The healthy way -Homoeopathy

This is an alternate system of medicine which is based on the firm principle of “Like cures like”. In Homeopathy the treatment is done on whole patient body and not just the on the disease symptoms. Homoeopathy treats the individual himself not just disease present in the individual. It has various combinations of medicines which work on the diseased person. The diagnosis in entirely different in this discipline and for same disease the medicine changes form time to time. Obesity has various remedies in this.

The Exercising way -Yoga (Body Postures)

Yoga involves different hand, leg …etc body postures to tackle various diseases .Its easy and effective way as it involves all our body muscles to be exercised increasing the blood flow into all the organs thereby purifying the organs involved. In case of Obesity it has various postures like kapalbhati”, anulom- vilom” just to name a few.

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