How to Eat Properly?

Along with the kind of food you eat, the way you eat is also important to lose weight. With the abundance of food and less free time, we tend to stuff our body with food hurriedly without enjoying it. Over the years, we have learnt some bad ways of eating food. Its important we unlearn these habits and start eating the food the right way

How to Eat Properly?

Here are the ways in which you can eat your food properly:

  • Eat slowly and chew properly:

    When you eat slowly and chew properly, you can enjoy the taste and eat less food. Eating slowly is important because our body has a signaling system which tells the brain if it is full. However, eating quickly will disrupt this mechanism and you may overeat

  • Go for small servings:

    Start with smaller portions of food and go for additional servings if needed.  In this way, you would be able to choose if you need additional servings. Smaller portions also enable you to eat less by giving you an impression that you are eating more food

  • Avoid eating in front of television or computer:

    When you while doing other activities, you may eat more food without realizing. Hence, avoid eating in front of television or computer, so that you can focus and enjoy the food you are eating

  • Eat from the plate, not the package:

    Packages may contain large amounts of food and when you snack from them, you may clean up everything. Hence, eat from the plate to know the proper portion of the food

According to a study by scientists form Osaka University, those who eat quickly were more likely to be obese. Hence, eat slowly with smaller portions to eat less. In this way, you would be able to get rid of obesity effectively

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