Arginine Rich Foods Good For Weight Loss

There is good news for people who love to eat nuts or seafood or watermelons. Want to know why? It is because some America researchers have found out that arginine rich foods have the potential to fight obesity and these foods that are talked about here happen to so.

If The Foods Does Not Increase Weight, Then What Does It Do?

Other arginine foods include seeds, rice protein, soy protein isolate, meat etc. Arginine is a type of amino acid that helps the body build skeletal and muscle growth without affecting body weight. There ia growth in lean tissue growth as well.

The Experiment

The experiment was done on mice where it was seen that long term arginine diet helped them to reduce weight without harming them in any way. The same result was found in pigs. What happens is that the fat growth rate is reduced to a huge extent which can be translated into weight loss.

Even when the mice were divided into two parts and one was given a low fat diet , the other a high fat one; the results are almost the same. It is because in both cases the rate of weight increase had reduced drastically.

The bio chemical process that takes place because of the metabolic change brought about by arginine, uses a lot of energy. The result is no weight gain but a healthy growth of lean tissues.

The Journal of Nutrition has published this research.

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