How Portion Sizes Contribute to Obesity?

Obesity rates have been increasing at an alarming rate for the past few years. Researchers opine that a major reason for this might be due to the increase in portion sizes of the foods. Foods are available in portion sizes such as large, jumbo, and supersize. People who eat bigger portions of food tend to overeat and stand at a high risk of obesity.

People are unaware of the high-calories present in such larger portions. Whenever they go out to eat, they naturally go for the bigger sized soda, french fries etc. In this way they would be increasing calorie intake for that particular day.

Another aspect of this is that the portion sizes have been increasing gradually.Today’s portion of “large” size used to be “supersize” previously. The foods which are served today are 2 to 5 times bigger than the foods which were served in the 1950s. Hence, it is important for us to really assess how much do we really need before we eat the whole portion.

Bigger portion sizes give us an impression that we are saving money. There is a term “value marketing”, which is used in fast food chains. According to this, with a small increase in cost, you would be getting a larger amount of food. This strategy makes people go for larger sizes, thinking they are getting more value out of money. However, the truth is that they are loading themselves with high-calorie, low -nutrient foods.

How to Control Portion Sizes?

Controlling portion sizes is important to combat obesity. Here are few tips:

  • Avoid jumbo, supersize, or larger portion. Instead go for smaller sizes /single servings or share your larger portions with your friend
  • If you are at home, see the labels for single servings. Redistribute the food into smaller servings and then eat
  • Avoid eating from the bag of snacks, try putting them in a plate and then eat
  • Do not try to eat everything which is served. If you are full, pack the remaining food or do not eat it
  • Eat slowly and chew properly. This will keep you from overeating

It is common that we tend to eat what is served. Hence, it is wise to go for smaller portions so that you would eat less and avoid obesity.

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