Take the Stairs to Lose Weight

According to the dietary guidelines released by the U.S. Government, an adult needs about 60 minutes of physical activity daily. This can be achieved by going to gym, cycling, walking etc. Along with them, one of the best ways to schedule physical activity daily is to take the stairs. Stair climbing not only helps you to lose weight but it also strengthens bones and improves cardiovascular health.

Many studies have shown that stair climbing helps in losing weight in the long term. Climbing 2 flights of  stairs every day can help you to lose 2.7 Kg in one year. About 7 minutes of stair climbing daily lowers the heart risk by 60%. Because of these benefits, health officials are encouraging people to take stairs for better health

Why Should You Take The Stairs?

In the modern society, we have few opportunities to be active. However, stairs are available every where in work place, shops, malls, colleges etc. Hence, you can easily fit stair climbing into your daily routine. Every bit physical activity spread throughout the course of the day is helpful to fight obesity. If stair climbing becomes a habit, you would be burning calories without putting conscious effort.

It should be noted that stair climbing should not be substituted for any cardiovascular activity you are doing. Instead, it should be done along with other activities such as cycling, running etc.

Benefits of Stair Climbing:

Here are some of the benefits of Stair Climbing:

  • As stair climbing is an aerobic activity, it is helpful to burn calories and lose weight
  • It is economical and does not need any special equipment
  • It can be fit into your daily routine
  • It improves your cardiovascular health and strengthens the bones

Taking the stairs whenever possible, can help you to stay active in long-term basis. Hence, take the stairs to lose weight and stay fit.

Though it is a novel idea to loose weight by taking the stairs, it will not be easy to resist the urge of boarding the lift. It is a matter of character to stick to our strong resolve of being fit. There will be times when we may find ourselves in a hurry. Friends and colleagues at the work place may be getting down through the lifts and it may be odd to take the stairs. There will be some unwelcoming comments passed by other people and may be our decision be considered a stunt to attract attention.

Apart from external demotivating factors, we may have to fight against complacency too in the initial days. It is not easy to give up our old habits. The results will be slow to come. We need patient and perseverance to stick to this novel resolve of ours. Once the benefits are apparent we will be appreciated and may be followed as an example.

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