Obesity- Kidney Stones Connection

Obesity boasts of several health risks and one of them involves the formation of kidney stones. These kidney stones are formed due to increased levels of dissolved minerals in urine. In fact  researchers also agree that diet and lifestyle are major concerns affecting flab and forming kidney stones.

Obesity and Kidney Stones Connection

Beneath are some of the possible vulnerabilities leading to kidney stones:

  • Obese people have highly acidic urine
  • A large body contains chemicals  like calcium, uric acid, and oxalate in urine, in high proportions
  • High salt consumption in  diet
  • Consuming high-calorie, processed food such as salty chips, french fries, sandwich meats etc. have high salt content.
  • Excessive consumption of sucrose found in soft drinks, sodas, can contribute towards kidney stones.
  • High-protein diet is another reason behind kidney stones.Consuming  Animal protein, high-protein weight loss diets increases the risk of forming kidney stones
  • Heavy intake of high protein diet like animal protein (meat), weight loss supplements  (protein shakes)

Stomach ache, blood in urine, pain while urinating etc. are some of the symptoms of kidney stones. To treat kidney stones, initially doctors try to see if the stone passes while urinating. However, if the stone does not pass out while urination, surgery is undertaken

Kids in U.S. are increasingly falling prey to kidney stones. Experts opine that obesity and unhealthy eating habits are to be blamed. To prevent kidney stones, one can take steps such as  cutting back on salt intake, drinking more water and loss of weight to prevent kidney disease.

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