Top 7 Unhealthy Eating Habits To Avoid

How many times have you made a decision to eat smaller portions only to find yourself wolfing down large portions of food? This is mostly due to unhealthy eating habits developed over a number of years.

Bad eating habits are more often than not the reason why we do not see the scale budge. Recognizing these habits and breaking them can help you to eat healthy and overcome obesity.

Obesity is the biggest national health scare today. Most of us are aware as to which foods are good for us and which are not. But still almost 350,000 people die from obesity related complications each year in the United States alone.

In this article, we are going to discuss the unhealthy habits as far as eating is concerned. If a mindful attempt is done to overcome these vices, the ‘fat to fit’ struggle is going to be a little easier.

Eating healthy and exercising are two aspects through which one can overcome obesity. So, eating in a controlled manner and getting daily physical activity can greatly increase your chances of overcoming obesity.

Top 7 Unhealthy Eating Habits To Avoid

    Skipping breakfast
    Having a healthy breakfast energizes you in the morning and helps you to make healthy eating choices throughout the day. It boosts your metabolism and enables you to burn more calories. Also, consuming breakfast in the morning reduces the chances of overeating during the day.

    A study by the Kellogg Company conducted amongst 14,000 Americans found that 54% of the adults would like to eat breakfast but only 34% eat it regularly. Breakfast is the first fuel of the day for the body. After a period of fast the body needs to be stimulated and charged for the activities ahead in the day. But the fact that mornings are also the busiest time of the day is also true. Most of us leave home for the day in our pursuits of work, education or business. So breakfast is the meal which is most likely to be skipped. And this can mean that the body is thrown into a starvation mode. On availability of the next meal the body ends up storing most of it as fat for future use.

    Binge eating
    Even though you eat healthy throughout the week, few instances of binge eating can greatly add to your stipulated number of calories. Studies show that people pile a number of calories during the weekends. Be mindful of your food choices throughout the week.

    Eating Too Fast
    When you eat food, it takes about 20 minutes for the brain to signal to your body that it is food. However, when you eat too fast, by the time your brain sends the signal, you would have overeaten. Hence, eat slowly, chew thoroughly to enjoy food and to eat less.
    Also eating hasty meals are most likely to make you falter in your weight loss journey. The first reason for this is that meals eaten hastily tend to make you unmindful of the amount you are eating. The food is not chewed well which hampers its digestion and assimilation. As the focus is not on the food, satiety sets in much later. The second reason would be that food meant for eating on the run or the ones for which you line up at the drive through window are seldom healthy.

    Eating while doing something else

    Eating while watching television, playing a video game, or while working, increases the chances that you overeat. When you do not pay attention to what you eat, you are more likely to eat more. So, to overcome this unhealthy eating habit, always pay attention to what you eat and avoid doing something else while eating.

    Not drinking enough water

    Drinking sufficient water enables you to burn calories and keeps you from dehydration. Some people mistake their thirst with hunger and continue to eat. Drinking a glass of water a little while before a meal helps to bring in satiety earlier.

    Emotional eating

    Sometimes, people turn to food when they feel angry, sad, or anxious unknowingly. Such emotional eating should be avoided. Emotional eating also brings in the risk of eating mindless portions.
    It is important to be aware about portion control and serving size. Eating big and unmeasured portions can add to the pounds quite unknowingly even if you are eating healthy. Going for seconds is another habit which needs to be restrained. A second helping is mostly not required and is eaten after the body is full. Serving yourself once on a plate and sitting down to eat it without any distraction is the best thing to do.

    Eating late in the night

    A late night binge can be an absolute crime when you are on a weight loss track. The last meal should be prior to three hours of going to bed. This is because the calories or energy from the food consumed just before going to bed will be unused and in most cases will be stored in the body as fat. So if you fancy a late night drink or snack, think twice!!!

    Unhealthy eating habits can go unnoticed and they might be contributing towards your obesity. Recognizing them and eating healthy can make a great difference in your lifestyle. Healthy eating coupled with physical activity can help you to overcome obesity and stay fit.

    How Children Develop Unhealthy Eating Habits?

    The erratic work timings of the corporate sector do not allow the parents to be available at homes. As a result, young children are deprived of healthy homely food. They are allowed to eat from outside. This is how children start getting addicted to tasty but foods with poor nutritional value. Instead of eating fresh fruits or drinking water and juices, they quench their thirst with soda.
    When these practices become a routine thing, it seriously affects the health of the young children. Teenagers by nature refuse to look or be any different from their peer group. They religiously follow what their friends do in every aspect of life and eating habits are no different.
    Lack of parental control and proper guidance can increase the severity of the issue. Parents themselves set a bad example before their children by following an unhealthy life style.

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