Top 5 Ways To Suppress Appetite

Obesity has become synonymous with modern life today. More than half the population in America are overweight. More than 40 million are obese. Morbid obesity figures hover somewhere over 3 million. And about 350,000 people die due to obesity related diseases every year.

Sedentary lifestyle , stress and poor eating habits are some of the key reasons behind the state of affairs existing today. Having too much processed foods at disposal is also a major reason. Ideally, the daily recommended calories should be distributed between three meals and a couple of snacks. The daily calorie requirement of a woman should be around 2000 calories and that of a man should be around 2500 calories.

In order to witness some amount of weight loss and see the scale tilt downwards one has to decrease the calorie intake and expend some in exercise. A deficit of 3500 calories would bring about a weight loss of a pound.

Hedonistic eating and not being able to suppress appetite is a common problem with weight loss endeavors. Increased appetite is associated with increased eating and increased fat storage in the body. It is important to space out meals and eat the right kind of foods to be able manage one’s appetite and control calorie intake throughout the day.

When the craving for food strikes. Many find it difficult to suppress their appetite and they go on to overeat. This is followed by feelings of guilt and disappointment. To avoid this, one can learn ways to suppress their hunger pangs.

Eating healthy and indulging in physical activity is most important to lose weight. Starvation or fad diets should be strictly avoided, as it can have dangerous effects on one’s health. Suppressing of appetite can be done by replacing the bad habits by healthy eating habits.

Top 5 Ways to Suppress Appetite

Drink sufficient water

    Drink Water

    A lot of times thirst is interpreted as hunger and overeating is induced due to this. Drinking plenty of water can prevent this and improve the metabolism of stored fats in the body. But care must be taken not to drink a lot of water with a meal. This hampers digestion by diluting the gastric enzymes working on the food. It also triggers fullness before one is actually full.

    Brown rice

    Low glycemic index diet

    Eat foods which have a low glycemic index. Low glycemic index helps to prevent inconsistent spiking in blood sugar levels. This can prevent one from getting too hungry. The idea is to eat foods which have more fiber so that the it is metabolized slowly. High glycemic carbohydrates like white bread, enriched breads, white rice etc need to be replaced with low glycemic index foods like whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Some common foods with low glycemic index are brown rice, wheat flour, oats, lean meat, fish, tofu, beans etc. Fruits and vegetables contain lots of fiber. Fiber gives your stomach a full feeling and it makes you eat less. You can eat vegetables such as cabbage, lettuce, carrot etc.

    Get proper sleep

    Sleep deprivation can cause an imbalance in hormones and as a result, you may eat more. Improper sleep can lower the levels of leptin and ghrelin which can increase hunger. Hence, make sure you get proper sleep, about 8 hours daily.

    Get Active

    Research shows that exercising can help in boosting hormones which suppresses appetite. You would also be more health conscious if you start exercising and be mindful of your food choices. So, start exercising to eat less.

    Eat smaller meals

    Instead of having three heavy meals, you can have 5 smaller meals and 3 snacks spaced throughout the day. Also make sure you have smaller portions instead of large portions. This can help you to overcome hunger and increase metabolism.

    The long-term solution to suppress appetite is to have hobbies and healthy relationships which can prevent you from eating when you are upset. The secret is to keep yourself busy. Eating healthy coupled with exercising can enable you to stay healthy and look better.

    Are Anti-obesity Drugs and Supplements Effective?

    The fact is that it is not possible to state explicitly about the effectiveness of these substances. They are made up of harmful chemicals and have some unavoidable side effects. Though there are several claims about their benefits by the manufacturers, it always advisable to consult the doctor first before taking them. They should be taken under medical supervision. The effectiveness of these costly supplements and drugs depend on several parameters like age, gender, health status etc.
    Many people are ignorant about the natural ways to treat obesity. There are couple of home remedies which can reduce weight without causing any side effects. They are cost effective and are available easily. The benefits of these age old methods are time tested. They do not require any medical supervision and can be taken in the privacy of our home.

    However, some of these weight loss spplements have been approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). To learn more about them go to our article “What are the FDA approved appetite auppressants?”

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