Exercise Bike Workout for Weight Loss

An exercise bike provides cardiovascular activity and also tones up the legs. It is an effective way to beat obesity as it is a low impact activity – it puts less stress on the joints and the back. Working out on your exercise bike for 15 to 20 minutes every day can help you to burn calories and lose weight.

Why Use an Exercise Bike?

An exercise bike or a stationary bike lets you exercise without moving outdoors. It is easy on the knees, joints and the back. Almost any one can start off using an exercise bike as it involves no complicated procedures – all you would have to do is to pedal.

An exercise bike workout is a cardiovascular activity – and hence, it burns calories and can help you to lose weight. Gradually increasing the workout intensity can help you to attain greater fitness levels.

How to Use an Exercise Bike?

Before using an exercise bike, make sure you are seated comfortably. Now start off by cycling slowly and increase the speed. This will constitute warm-up which increases blood circulation before the workout. After warming up, alternate high-intensity cycling and low-intensity cycling for a few minutes each. End the workout by slowing down the speed.

Exercise Bike workout Tips:

  • Increase the speed gradually. Have a goal of cycling at a particular speed for a few minutes.
  • Have a distance in mind. Try to cycle the distance during each workout. Over time, you can try to cover the same distance in shorter time period
  • Use resistance to increase the workout intensity. Resistance can make you workout harder and can enable you to burn more calories
  • Keep track of the calories burned, distance traveled and the time period

Some exercise bikes have workout programs present in the bikes. You can follow these to add variety to your workout.

Using an exercise bike is an easy and effective way to lose weight. Get yourself one or join a gym to get the full benefits of exercise bike workout.

How to Choose a Stationary Bike?

It can be a challenging task these days to find the best bike for burning off fat. It is because their are so many stationary bikes available on the market. Here are few points to keep in mind while choosing a stationary bike:

  • Look for different level settings in these bikes which allow us to exercise little harder.
  • The bike should have digital displays with features like showing distance travelled, current heart rate and estimation of calories burnt.
  • It should be folded allowing easy storage and occupying less space.
  • There are different types of stationary bikes available.
  • Some have unique features which can help in burning more calories. For instance, some bikes have arm movement attachments allowing the work out of the arms too.
  • However with more features, the price also raises. Some factors like genetic make up of a person and the pace at which a person works out also decide the number of calories burnt. The effect is varying results with the same device.

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  1. Hi I am 20stone male at 5ft 11 desperate to lose weight.

    I am trying to find an exercise bike that is suitable for my weight.

    Please advise

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