Can French Fries Make You Fat?

A large serving (170 grams) of French fries contains about 539 calories; of them 259 grams are fat. French fries have about 44% fat. French fries are packed with calories and it’s no wonder that they are closely related to obesity

French Fries and Obesity:

French fries are strips of potato which are deep fried in oil. This process of frying pushes up the calorie count to a great extent. As consuming high calories can lead to obesity, even having a small serving of French fries daily can lead to obesity.

Oil used in French Fries:

The oils used in French fries also add to the obesity problem. Palm oil, canola oil, and hydrogenated oils used in the preparation of French fries can also add fat to your diet. Sometimes, French fries are prepared in animal fat, such as beef tallow – which can add huge number of calories to your diet.

Along with the obesity problem, eating French fries can also lead to high cholesterol levels, diabetes and heart disease. French fries contain Trans fat which can raise the cholesterol levels and clog the arteries.

Combinations with French Fries:

French fries are often combined with other fattening foods such as a coke, hot dog etc. This can add several calories to your diet. For example, a combination of Super size French fries, a coke and a Big Mac contains about 1500 calories. And about 40% of these calories contribute to fat.

French fries can lead to obesity as they are packed with calories. So, the next time you start feasting on French fries, think twice!

How Sedentary Life Style Along with French Fries is Causing Obesity ?

Childhood Obesity has tripled in last 30 years. During this phase, parents have single-mindedly become involved in raising the life style of the family. Absence of parents at home provides children ample opportunities to make wrong choices on the food to eat. They end up choosing French fries over fruits and vegetables. Loneliness also make these children prone to depression and craving for pleasure. Instead of getting love and affection from parents, they find pleasure in watching television for hours and chatting with friends on Internet munching on a bowl of French fries. Such a sedentary life style and bad food habits can easily make them lethargic and addicted to foods of low nutritional value.

It is high time that parents realize that their poor parenting is partly responsible for Obesity in their children. Initiating a family health regime should be the order of the day.

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