What is Calorie Cycling?

Calorie cycling is a kind of diet which can help you lose weight. It is also known as rotational diet or zig zag diet. Calorie cycling involves varying the calorie intake daily. This means that in a week – for a few days you would consume high calories and on other days, you would have low calories. This switching of calorie intake can help in weight loss.

How Does Calorie Cycling Work?

When you are constantly on a low-calorie, our body gets alerted that there is insufficient food. To save the energy stores, it slows down the metabolism. This means the body would burn less number of calories and weight reduction would be difficult. Such situation is also termed as weight loss plateau.” Calorie cycling, on the other hands, helps you keep the metabolism constant.

How to Follow Calorie Cycling?

  • In a calorie cycling diet, there are three modes – high calorie, medium calorie, and low calorie. Medium calorie is your daily calorie intake minus 300 calories.
  • High calorie is medium calorie plus 500 calorie
  • Low calorie is medium calorie minus 200 calorie
  • You can start alternate low calorie with high calories. You can also follow this order for 7 days of the week- low, high, low, medium, medium, high and medium

Calorie cycling is an effective way to shift the calories and keep the metabolism high. It can help you to burn calories. So, if you are finding it difficult to lose weight, start alternating high calorie days with low calorie days.

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