How To Deal With Overweight Girlfriends

Overweight is a condition not a disease.

It refers to having body fat level higher than the healthy level. Posh lifestyles without physical exhaustion and bad eating habits result in gaining extra weight.

Love is an emotion. You experience love as a sensation of affection and attachment. Love is not a generic pleasure as you love your meal. It is a wild interpersonal attraction. It starts with care, progresses with possessiveness and ends up in strong bonding.

Your girlfriend is your endearment, most close to you than anybody. Remember when she agreed to date you for the first time, you felt completing a milestone in your life. You go together for a meal, shopping, parties, picnic etc. You chat on net, sms on mobiles, converse on phones, exchange love letters, send gifts and much more.

Every common man falls in love. Looks and love are dependent in many cases. But many also consider character, attitude and personality being the most important factors in choosing a partner. Your girlfriend is very caring, lovable, bubbly, committed and lively, but lacks physical attraction being overweight. Will you disturb your healthy relationship due to that; or love her in spite of her lacking physical attraction? When you are in love, she will look attractive to you in spite of her heavy weight. I will tell you how to deal with it.

  • Choose over what you want from a relationship; physical attraction or mental peace?
  • Would you like to live a realistic life or only enjoy?
  • If being overweight disturbs you, talk to your girlfriend about it. Check for any bad eating habits or any health issue.
  • She might also be feeling that she is not capable enough to satisfy you. Make her feel she is important for you.
  • If she has a great positive attitude, encourage her to reduce weight for herself and not for you.
  • Reducing weight takes lot of time. So have patience and keep encouraging her.
  • Do not force her. Check if she is adapting to wrong habits to lose weight.
  • You too live on a healthy diet yourself and exercise with her. This will act as a motivation for her.
  • Plan for something special which will make her feel good and at the same time will help her. Give her a choice between –
    – popcorn or apple but not apple and cookie;
    – going on a walk or going to the gym rather than going on a walk or watching a movie;
    – green salad or fruit salad instead of salad and ice cream.
  • Discuss openly on ‘what you feel about your relationship without hurting her.
  • Can Love Inspire Us to Shed Weight?

    True love never bothers about the external appearance of the partner. But it can definitely help an obese partner to get back to shape. Though it is a proven fact from research that obese people are mostly depressed, presence of love in the life of an obese person can go a long way in treating this physical disorder. It provides quite an amount of boost to an obese partner to shed weight under assistance of the another partner. It requires empathy and patience for a partner to assist the obese partner in shedding weight.

    Body, mind and soul are aligned towards the sole purpose of losing weight and the effects are apparent quickly. Even small progress made during the exercise regime or treatment process become reasons of celebration and strengthen the bonding. Once a partner gets back into shape, attributing its success to the beloved person of our life is a special feeling.

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  1. West said on June 6, 2010

    Pretty well written, and also your points are very close to my own. Regards.

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