Office Chairs For Overweight People

Just imagine one day you’re sitting on your chair and the arm snapped, or a wheel cracked, or the back gave out, or the leg broke; how embarrassing and possibly painful would that be?

So if you are overweight, you might want to invest in a studier more supportive office chair especially if your work involves a significant amount of time sitting at your desk.

Being overweight is a condition and you should be comfortable while you are on the job.

Office chairs have become an essential part of any office environment. Specificities in office chairs make sitting comfortable for longer periods. The back support is shaped and ergonomically designed to reduce stress to the back. The armrests support the arms reducing stress in the neck and shoulders. The adjustable seat height reduces stress in the hip joint. Full rotational chairs allow you to face your work station at all times. High functioning wheels allow smoother movements between work stations and filing cabinets.

Normal office chairs are made for supporting a weight of only 200 pounds.

Special Features of Office Chairs for Overweight People:

  • The base attachment and the wheel parts should be of metal. So that the weight can be distributed evenly.
  • Should have multiple height adjustments.
  • Look for ergonomic back support systems
  • Do not choose extremely soft padding on the seat that compresses easily.
  • The size of the seat and space between the armrests should be wider.
  • Wider armrests are a bonus.
  • Look for a chair that can accommodate at least 25 pounds more than your weight.
  • Have the company show you the best alignment for your body.

Office chairs to support overweight people are bit more expensive but they are worth it. Reducing work related joint stress, decreasing muscle tension and taking frequent breaks will limit pain and inflammation in your body.


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