Constipation and Childhood Obesity

Obese children have many digestive problems arising due to their wrong eating habits. All kids might not have the same problem, but parents always need to be aware of any possible problems to arise in future.

An overweight child is most likely to suffer from chronic constipation. Children who are more tempted by chips, cookies, candies and ice creams are most prone to such bowel ailment conditions. All they need to eat is more amount of fibers from fruits, vegetables and whole cereals. This will reduce the trouble of the colon to pass food through it.

Constipation can cause gas pain, chest burn, nausea and painful straining while passing stool. Long term side effects can end up in Hemorrhoids and fissures. Prolonged effect is colon cancer.

Most of us are not aware of the fact that chronic constipation can also lead to depression. When a child is unable to empty his colon, he will always feel uncomfortable and tightness. This can make the child agitated and irritated.

Another condition known as ‘Fecal Soiling’ is also seen in obese children. They experience uncontrolled loose motions due to excess sugars and fats in their body. It can be an extremely embarrassing situation for a child. So you need to include ‘bowel cleaning’ in your everyday routine. Do not make him eat too much fibers; because it can also cause constipation in them. But try to replace some of his bad food habits with some nutritious foods. With due time, your colon will start getting normal.

Gift Your Child With A Healthy And A Happy Life !

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