Exercises to Overcome Obesity

Obesity is menace which is growing every day. According to the Centers for Disease and Control, more than one-third of the American population is obese. About 350,000 people die every year due to obesity related diseases. It is imperative that we understand the risks associated with obesity and take steps to prevent it.

Lifestyle management is one of the most important steps in controlling obesity. And exercise plays a very important role in it. In this article, we are going to focus on the exercises that can be done to overcome obesity.

First let us understand how obesity is classified into different categories.

Levels of Obesity

Class One Obesity:
The person has his Body Mass Index (BMI) between 26-30 and falls in the overweight category.
Class Two Obesity:
The person has 31-40 BMI, and is moderately obese.
Class Three Obesity:
The person has BMI more than 40, and is morbidly obese.

Exercise could be best described as indulging in physical activity that helps us expend calories. There are different types of exercises which could bring about weight loss. Read on to find out mo

Stretching Exercises

These exercises will help you warming up and having a soothing effect during and after exercises.

  • Neck Stretches:
    Always start with a neck stretch. Move the chine down, towards your chest slowly in a circular motion. Hold at every position for 10 seconds.
  • Stretching for shoulders, arms and chest
    Stand straight. Interlock your fingers. Stretch your arms. Move it to above your head and stay in that position for 10 seconds. Again come back to the original position.
  • Back Stretching
    Stand straight. Pull your both arms above your head. Join it together and bend down. Again get back to your original position. Putting the hands above, try to stretch you body back to a comfortable extent. Stay at each position for about 10 seconds.
  • Waist stretching
    Place your hands on the sides of your waist. Stand straight. Try to move only the upper part of your body to both sides and get back to the original position after stretching to each side. Stay at each side for about 10 seconds.

Upper Body Exercises

  • Press Ups
    Many people will not find it comfortable to do full upper body press ups. But it will gradually improve over time. But try doing press ups by kneeling instead of using toes.
  • Triceps Dips
    Sit on a bench. Place hands next to the hips. Lift yourself on putting the entire pressure over your arms. Push the hips forward.

Lower Body Exercises

  • Lunge
    Stand in a split stance (split your legs apart) where feet are about 3 feet apart from each other. Keep both knees at about 90-degree angles from bottom. Hold weights in each of your hand to add intensity. Bend the knees. Lower the back knee towards the floor. Keep your front heel down. Place your knee over center of your foot. Be steady at your body other than head, neck and arms. Keep your abs in when you are pushing through your front heel and then back to your original position. Never lock your knees during movement.
  • Squat
    Keep the width of your shoulder and feet away. lower your body slowly appearing like sitting in a chair. Continue lowering your body till your thighs get parallel to the ground. Keep weight on your heels and push your body up till you return to your original position. Never extend your knees over your toes. Do keep your trunk always straight and erect. Do not bend your back.

Back And Core Stability

  • Dorsal Raise
    Place your face down on the ground. Raise your opposite leg and arm simultaneously.
  • Back Extension
    Lie down on the ground on your back. Lift your head and breast slowly above the ground. Get back to the original positions slowly.

Aerobic Exercises for Weight Loss

Aerobic exercises are rhythmic and simple to do. When you do these exercises, oxygen production is increased and excess fat is burnt. Thus, the body gains more energy. Aerobic exercises lead to leaner and well-toned muscles. These workouts can be done for 20 to 60 minutes, depending on your physical capacity.

Different Types of Aerobic Exercises

Some simple exercises which can be done in your home or garden are detailed below:

Jogging or Running
This a tried and tested exercise. You can jog in the streets, park or beach. It is very inexpensive, as all you need are comfortable running shoes. So, plug in your iPod and hit the track right away.
Skipping the rope is also inexpensive and very effective. Besides, it is very easy and a lot of fun as well. You can skip the rope in your bedroom or backyard.
Aerobic Dancing
Buy a suitable aerobic dance video and start grooving to the beat right away. If you are bored dancing alone, gather some friends and start your own aerobic dancing group.

Swimming exercises most of the body and helps one lose weight. You can swim using different kinds of strokes to give your body a complete workout. In the hot summer, nothing can be as refreshing as a cool swim.
Shadow Boxing
This is an effective exercise for losing weight. Shadow boxing also tones your arm muscles. So, buy boxing gloves and a punching bag right away, and start punching like Mohammed Ali.

Other exercises may also be done using exercise and body building equipments like – weights, dumbbells or forms of resistance training.

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