Obesity and Liver Cancer

Liver Cancer

Liver cancer ranks as the third most common death cause today.

Many types of Liver cancers are seen in people all over the world. They may include Hepatic Adenomas, Focal Nodular Hyperplasia or Hemangiomas. Hepatic Adenoma is primary cancer of Liver which occurs in the right hepatic lobe. But this disease is seen in people of Asia and Africa but not seen in western country populations. Increasing Obesity Epidemic conditions are known to be the prime cause of cancers in the breast, oesophagus, pancreas, kidney, colon and gallbladder. Also Liver cancer is added now to the list.

In general middle aged and elderly people are the sufferers in most developed countries. The ratio of occurrence in men to women is 2:1. It is common in people suffering from Liver Cirrhosis, resulting from chronic alcoholism. Alcoholism cause nodal regeneration of hepatocytes. Complications associated with Hepatitis can also cause some form of Liver cancers.

Alcohol abuse is not always the cause.

Many researchers are studying the link between obesity and Liver cancer.

  • According to the researchers, John Hopkins Medical School, Obesity is the most prevalent cause of Liver cancer in humans, other than Cirrhosis and Hepatitis. Because most of the patients suffering from Liver Cancer were seen to have been overweight with very high levels of Body Mass Index. As the age increases, the weight also gradually increases; and the Liver weakens. So it is most common in elderly people.
  • According to karolinska Institute, Sweden, “Excess body weight increases the risk of Liver Cancer by 17%. But people who are medically obese, are at 89% more risk of getting the cancer in comparison to the normal weighing patients.”
  • According to the research work done by Dr Larsson and Professor Wolk, article published in the British Journal of Cancer, the risk of developing Liver cancer may be checked with a check on body weight.
  • Dr Lesley Walker, Director, Cancer Information at the charity, says, “keeping a watch on our weight can reduce the risk of any type of Liver cancer.” So she urged people to have a strict change in their lifestyle and habits.

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