How to Avoid Getting Fat During the Holidays?

Holidays bring celebrations, relatives, loved ones, cheer and Food”. Cakes, brownies, cookies, truffles, desserts… the list goes on. Now, if you have been trying to battle the bulge, holidays can be really challenging. All the good food and drinks might tempt you to indulge a little bit. You would still have bad memories of the previous holidays where a little indulgence made you put on kilos that you are still trying to lose?

So how can you stick to your fitness regime and control the strong urge to feast? Is it possible to eat all you want and yet not gain those extra pounds? By following a few tips you can enjoy the holiday treats and stay fit too.

  • Limit the amount of food you take. Have a little bit of everything but do not have everything little by little. The trick is to enjoy the food and not to overindulge.
  • Self control is very important. Set goals and stick to it. If you decide to have two cookies, then stick to it. 2 ½ cookies is a strict NO.”
  • Watch what you eat. If you have an option of choosing something that is less on calories, go for it.
  • Do not miss your exercise routine. Continue with your workout. Don’t let holidays be an excuse to miss workout. It would help you feel guilt free and lose those extra pounds too.
  • Learn to say NO”. Doting relatives and friends would offer you extra servings of your favourite dessert or cakes. Remember your goal and control the urge.
  • Try substituting unhealthy ingredients with healthy ingredients. If you have an option of using less sugar or butter in your food, do it. It would still be yummy minus the extra portions.
  • Do not starve yourself and then binge on the special day. Eat sensible and eat right. Watch the carbohydrates, sugar and fats.
  • Limit alcohol intake. When everyone says Cheers”, say no to extra Beers”.

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