Exercises That Reduce Male Breasts

Recent statistics reveal that more than 200,000 American men have opted for surgical male breast reduction annually during the past few years. Man boobs or as it is scientifically referred to as Gynecomastia is an emerging problem along with the increasing incidence of obesity.

What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is the accumulation of excessive fat or the development of large mammary glands in men thereby giving the appearance of breasts. Beneath this fat lies the pectoralis major muscle, a fan shaped thick muscle which wraps the chest in men. Obesity is one of the most prevalent cause of this condition. However, other reasons would include metabolic disorders and stress especially in adolescent boys and also the after effect of anabolic steroids among body builders. According to recent statistics, thirty to sixty percent of adolescent boys suffer from this condition.

It should be clearly distinguished from the hypertrophy or enlargement of the pectoralis muscle caused by excessive exercise in bodybuilders and can also give the apparition of a puffed up chest.

Male breasts can be very embarrassing and have a psychological impact associated with it. It severely affects a man’s self-confidence. Surgery or a liposuction is one way of treating the said problem. The other way would be overall diet modifications, exercise and working out the chest muscles so that they could be toned and tightened. This would improve posture and as the fat content of the body goes down one will see more definition is the chest area.

Watch the video below to get an idea of the exercises that can help reduce and tone chest muscles and burn away the accumulated fat.

Before we start off with the exercises that could be helpful in improving the appearance of male breasts, the need for overall conditioning of the body should be emphasized. A controlled diet with limited amounts of bad fats and sugar, regular exercise and trying to live a stress free life is very important. The most important thing is to create a calorie deficit by consuming less calories and expending more with physical activity and exercise. This will help bring down the amount of fat in the body.

The following exercises are helpful in reducing male breasts:

Cardio Exercises

Cardio exercises help in burning overall body fat. Running, cycling and swimming are excellent forms of cardio exercises. Take care that your heart rate is in the range required for cardiovascular exercises. The permissible maximum heart is arrived at by subtracting age from the number 220. At the peak of cardiovascular activity, the heart rate should be close between 70 to 80% of the maximum. It will help with the metabolism and will bring about overall weight loss.

Strength Training

Strength or resistance training is very important for overall muscle conditioning. Weight training works out the muscles. Muscles require more calories to sustain and hence end up burning a lot of calories even when the body is at rest. Indulging in a workout which works out the muscles is extremely important for overall weight loss and also to lose the fat around the chest.

Upper Chest Workout

Upper chest workout targets your chest pectoralis muscle. Doing a combination of upper chest exercises under the supervision of a trainer help you target, tone and redefine the chest muscles. This also helps in burning fat around the area.

Dumbbell Flat Press: Take dumbbells or weights which are comfortable in both of your hands. Alternatively, this exercise can also be done with resistance bands. Raise both your hands and bring them to shoulder level. The ends of the dumbbells should face each other. Now stretch both your hands outwards, stretching and extending the chest muscle in the process. Breathe in during this movement. Breathing out bring back the arms together and squeezing the muscle in the process. 10 repetitions’ in each set must be done. Increase the frequency and the weight as you get comfortable with the drill.

Dumbbell Flat Fly: Doing the same drill as above with both the palms facing each other would be termed as the Dumbbell Flat Fly. It helps to increase the width of the chest muscle. Again, a set having 10 repetitions’ must be done. Increase sets gradually.

The same exercises above can be done on an inclined bench to get more out of it.


Push-ups are the best exercise to tone the chest and can be done anywhere. It works on the chest muscles best when the distance between the hands is increased in between the sets.

A combination of cardio, strength training and balanced diet will help you reduce overall body fat and be fit.

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