Lap Band Surgery for Obesity

Gastric banding surgery, is the least invasive surgery of all the weight loss surgeries. It requires very less recovery time, poses no risk and no malnutrition problems when properly adjusted. This articles explains details about the lap band surgery.

What is Lap Band Surgery ?

Lap-Band surgery can be called as a restrictive surgery, it decreases the quantity of food to be eaten. Firm silicone band which is having an inner inflatable ring, will be placed around the stomach for the slow flow of food, from upper portions to the lower portions of the stomach. In all the other procedures the band sizes are fixed, but in the lap band procedure it can be adjusted based on the requirement.

How Lap Band Surgery Works

The inflatable ring is made to act as an inner tube, it can be inflated and deflated as required. The expansion of stomach is restricted to achieve the desired weight. The band makes the patient feel over full even with less food, slows the digestion and maintains the feel of fullness for longtime. A port is connected to the band, and it is adjusted through the skin by releasing or adding saline, using a syringe. There is no concern with bathing or swimming, as the port rests just below your skin

Advantages of Lap Band Surgery

It requires very less recovery time compared to any other obesity treatments. The weight loss using this band will be steady, around couple of pounds a week. This helps in preventing some of the side effects like gallstones. The band can be completely emptied when the patient needs more nutrition, during illness, pregnancy, and other surgeries. This allows the stomach to its fullest capacity as it was before the insertion of the band.

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