Gastric Bypass Surgery and Pregnancy

Nowadays plenty of women are undergoing gastric bypass surgery, undoubtedly this is a testament for their desire to be healthy. But when it comes to becoming pregnant after the surgery, many feel that it is not good for the health of their baby, while others have many doubts. According to experts, having a baby post surgery is a better option than having a baby while you are obese. Lets go in to more details

Facts of Healthy Pregnancy After the Surgery

  • Usually obese women have trouble conceiving because of fat deposits around their ovaries and menstrual cycle upset, but after the weight loss these problems are gone.
  • The reproductive system will receive a surge of fertility.
  • General guidelines suggests a waiting period of 18 months between the surgery and pregnancy. This waiting period will change from person to person as their weight loss and over all health differ.
  • As the patient reaches the 18 month mark, they can intake 1200 calories per day. As the patients are used to having protein supplements, now they can take some extra calories.
  • After conceiving, the patients can increase 300 to 400 calories intake per day. But the main obstacle for these women is to avoid expanding their pouch. This is very important, so if required they can have the protein supplements in liquid form.
  • According to a study involving 200 pregnant women who underwent gastric bypass surgery, more than 80% are able to consume sufficient nutrients for having a healthy baby
  • However, chances of having a vaginal birth may reduce due to certain unexplained reasons. So it is better if the women makes up her mind for a C-Section.

Above all the facts specified, the Obstetricians and the Gynecologists are getting more familiar with these kind of pregnancies, thus making it easy from the patients perspectiv.e

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