Fatty Liver Diet

Fatty liver is caused by the excess storage of fat in the liver and fortunately this condition is reversible. Fatty liver has multiple causes but, it is mainly related to the fat metabolism. Technically speaking, when the fat percentage in the liver is one-tenth of its total weight, then it is called fatty liver. As there are many causes for the development of fatty liver, it is hard to point to a single solution. The doctors and health experts strongly believe that, few changes in the diet can give good results. Let us see in more detail what the diet for fatty liver should be like.

Do’s and Don’t’s Of Fatty Liver Disease

Fatty liver is formed due to an improper functioning of liver, that is, it is not able to break down fats in its normal speed. A proper diet helps in reducing the damage caused by the fatty liver. Basically, the diet for fatty liver is based on the causes of the fatty liver. Below are the do’s and don’ts in diet for fatty liver patients.

Stop Drinking Alcohol

  • Alcohol intake is one of the major causes for fatty liver (alcoholic fatty liver), as it leads to dysfunction or damage of the liver.
  • For these patients drinking alcohol is a big NO, as it contains very high calories.

Controlling other Factors

  • Controlling other factors such as diabetes and cholesterol is very important.
  • It gets difficult for diabetes patients to clear fatty liver, so it is a must for them to have proper levels of insulin all the time.
  • The best way for diabetes patients to reverse fatty liver, is to consult a doctor and dietitian for a proper diet plan.
  • High cholesterol patients should reduce fat intake especially foods with high saturated fat.

Reduce Weight

  • Obesity is one of the cause for fatty liver, and it also increases the risk of liver failure in morbidly obese individuals.
  • Reducing weight will have significant effect on fatty liver. But, the weight loss should not be drastic. It is good if the patient can loose one to two pounds a week.

Fatty Liver Diet

The fatty liver diet, if not caused by alcohol should follow the suggestions below:

  • Reduce refined carbohydrates intake in your diet, to a maximum extent. This includes white bread, pasta, white rice, noodles, cakes, desserts, sweetened fruit juices, soft drinks, biscuits and chocolates. It is good to avoid breakfast cereals.
  • Eat whole grain food as much as possible. This includes whole grain bread, tortilla’s and all other whole wheat products. These kind of food also includes oats, millets, pulses, ragi and jowar.
  • Stop eating all kinds of processed foods, fried food and high fat foods (that is, all junk food).
  • Try to avoid red meats like beef, mutton and pork; instead eat white meats such as chicken, fish and turkey.
  • Fill your plate with 3/4th of vegetables and green salads and increase the fruit intake.
  • Switch over from full fat milk and full cream products to skim milk and low fat milk products. Also, try to avoid artificial sweeteners.
  • Completely avoid mayonnaise, margarine as much as possible.
  • Use oils that provide mono-unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

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