Why do People get Depressed After Gastric Bypass Surgery?

After the Gastric Bypass Surgery, people experience depression and they tend to blame the low calorie diet which follow the weight loss or the procedure of the surgery. It has been observed that low calorie diet causes depression. It can also increase the symptoms of depression in depressive patients. After gastric Bypass the diet which is need to be followed is very low in calorie. Thus leading to depression.

Depression is not a mental illness as per the Doctors. Depression is caused due to inadequate levels of mood stabilizing chemicals. After Gastric Bypass surgery, depression becomes the most serious complication.

The fuel for the body is being converted by the calorie. So in this case, the body needs sufficient amount of calorie to survive.People who do not eat enough food can get low serotonin. This lower level serotonin leads to depression.

Depression is a dangerous illness. Thousands of people die because of this illness. In order to prevent the depression, the intake of food after Gastric Bypass should be closely monitored.You can take food which is rich and healthy. It should contain adequate amount of calories in it. It will give continuous supply of fuel in your body.

You can have well balanced diet which includes proteins, dairy products, fruits and vegetables. The patient should not be left alone after Gastric Bypass surgery.

Person going through depression feels like sleeping all the time. They lack interest in doing any type of activity and sometimes they also feel like committing suicide. They have a negative outlook about life.

Seek immediate professional help when you find a person is showing symptoms of depression. By giving medication to the depressed person can also make the person feel better. You will find that the person will get the relief within first month.

So it becomes very important for the people who are undergoing Gastric Bypass to know the side effects after the surgery. We cannot ignore illness such as depression. If not treated properly it can be fatal.

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