How to Prevent Obesity and Overweight?

Extra Body weight refers to obesity and overweight. If you are having extra body weight on your muscle, bone and fat, it is said to be overweight. If you have high amount of extra body fat,it is said to be obesity.

Body Mass Index is the most useful of way of measuring overweight and obesity. It is used for adult, teens and children. It is based on height and weight. Obesity and overweight leads to many health related diseases such as diabetes, stroke, hypertension and breast cancer.

The weight of the person depends on various factors. These factors include family history, genetics,eating habits and environment. A person can change his lifestyle and eating habits but he cannot change his family history. If you want to prevent overweight and obesity you have to maintain healthy eating habits and make yourself physically active.

It is optional to go for weight loss surgery and medicines. For people who are overweight and obese, it is a challenge for them to stay fit and healthy. It is possible to lose weight, if there is right type of motivation and treatment given.

Ways of Fighting with Obesity and Overweight:-

  • Change your diet and lifestyle. Prevention is the best key. It will help you not to increase weight.
  • Check your weight regularly. Increase of 2kg of weight can also be alarming for you.
  • Intake green leafy vegetables. Drink plenty of liquid fluids. Consume a bowl of salad instead of a burger.
  • Do not take much stress. Change your lifestyle.
  • Avoid eating high energy food such as pizzas,overcooked food and packed food.
  • Read more about obesity and overweight. Keep yourself updated
  • Overweight and obesity are financial problem more than health problem. If you want financial freedom, fitness and good health is the key.

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